The Best Website Keyword Finder in the Business-Looking For Great Keywords?

Are you finding one of the hardest aspects of being a blogger is discovering a good website keyword finder?

There are plenty out there, some are free, others are not, but there are several pieces of information that a good one should have, free or otherwise. Free only goes so far when you are attempting to make money with your keywords.

Website keyword finder

What should a website keyword finder offer?

As important as keyword research is, a good Website keyword finder should have search capability, not just typing the keyword in but searching for other similar terms. A good keyword tool should have statistics of how many times that keyword is searched per month and how many other websites are using that particular keyword.

The website keyword tool should also be able to estimate the monthly number of visits the site can expect with a first-page ranking. Lastly, and most importantly, the tool should tell you how well that keyword ranks for SEO.

What’s the most important feature of a website keyword finder?

The SEO rank is the most important. Although the keyword may actually have a fairly good SEO ranking but be very high in competition, a good SEO ranking parameter is what we’re looking for. Ideally, the keyword should have a ranking of 90-100 with 100 being optimal. But also competition should be 100 sites or fewer. The less the better, of course. Plus the monthly searches would ideally be between 100 and 300, so the keyword should generate a fair amount of traffic.

What are the best statistics for a keyword in a website keyword finder?

In other words, an ideal keyword would have 100-300 a month searches, less than 100 competitive websites and an SEO ranking of 90-100. For a website keyword finder, those parameters are the basics. Keywords falling into these ranges would be what the industry calls the Low Hanging Fruit.

Website keyword finder

What else should a good website keyword finder offer?

Other aspects of a good keyword finder might include suggestions for website domain names to fit the keyword, a list of other similar keywords, and a list builder feature to save keywords as they are discovered. Maybe even one that will save them under several headings.

The Jaaxy Introduction Video:

I’ve heard of the Alphabet Soup technique, what is it?

Another great aspect of the top website keyword finders is the ability to search for keywords in the Alphabet Soup method. Where typing in one word will give the user words or phrases in alphabetical order that are frequently searched along with the single keyword. An example would be typing in the word income, and then choices would list different variations of that single keyword with “A” words, “B” words, “C” words, etc. These searches should produce keywords with the extra alphabet before or after the primary word. The possibilities are endless.

Website keyword finder alphabet soup

Which website keyword finder is best?

There is a sea of available website keyword finders, how one person would wade through all of them to find the right one is beyond comprehension. The keyword tool that I personally have found to be an excellent tool is Jaaxy, which is a product of the boys over at Wealthy Affiliate. These guys have been in the affiliate marketing business for many years and not being satisfied with all the offerings available, they decided to create their own.

Website keyword finder

After being around the block a number of times, they had a thorough understanding of the internet marketing world and knew exactly what was needed. That’s where Jaaxy was born. And their little brainchild started out meagerly but grew up into the premier website keyword finder. It’ has all the bells and whistles all the others have all rolled into one package.

Do I have to download software?

It’s online, no need to download and install a big software package. It’s user-friendly with a minimal learning curve in order to be proficient, and it has all the data needed to ferret out awesome keywords in as little time as possible. Best of all, Jaaxy has three different membership levels. A FREE level, a Pro level ($19 per month), and an Enterprise level ($49 per month) You can certainly try it out for 30 days for free to see if it fits your needs!

You can try it for free right here

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You can go to my review of Jaaxy here

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Why Do I Procrastinate On Everything – Is There A Cure?

The Problem

Have you ever wondered why you have bigger, better, more enjoyable or important things to do than what you are presently doing, and can’t find the time to do them? You’re not alone.  You’re SO not alone that there is a word for it… PROCRASTINATION.  I ask myself on a daily basis, why do I procrastinate on everything?  And it’s so difficult to overcome that there are literally millions of websites catering to the problem.

why do i procrastinate on everything

My Problem

I was preparing to write a little blog the other day.  As I was sitting there in front of the television, listening to Columbo use the same exact line I’d heard him use at least a dozen times before, I decided I needed to mow the lawn.

Wait, my task was writing a blog, my first distraction was the television, which admittedly, after watching those old shows, I had nothing to show for it, no smarter, a little less physically fit and actually more tired than two hours before.

And Still A Problem… No blog post.

why do i procrastinate on everything

Not only was mowing the lawn my second distraction, but it was also something else I had been procrastinating about. Which is an important task, one of those that do not fit into the category of “a job well done, need never be done again”. Why was I trying to do anything and everything to keep me from doing what I wanted and NEEDED to do?

What is it?

Procrastination is just putting something off, postponing something, delaying a task or action. It’s not doing something we need to do, which would either be beneficial or would avoid a negative consequence. Putting off exercising will delay a beneficial effect. Not filing the taxes will guarantee a negative consequence.

What is it keeping you from doing?

Many times procrastination is caused by a fear or an aversion to performing the task. Exercising will cause shortness of breath and a high heart rate, and by definition, will require some work. Filing the taxes will show how lousy your budgeting skills were for the last year, as compared to your little bit of insufficient income you’re living on. Let alone the fear of having to fork over even more of your hard-earned income to Uncle Sam.

The television distracts from the mowing, the mowing distracts from the blogging. For me, personally, the blogging is connected to the fear of not performing up to the level I know I can. Fear of not being perfect. Fear of putting something out there that no one will read.

What’s holding YOU back?

Now you know what’s holding ME back, what is it that is holding you back? Is yours the same as mine, or do you have another extremely common and unrecognized fear – of success?

I worked with a young lady who is extremely smart, good-looking and well liked. But she could not make a decision to save her own life. She was so extremely afraid of making the wrong decision that whatever life handed her from not making a decision was what she lived with.

She hated her life. So bad that she tried to wash it away with alcohol. Don’t get me wrong, alcohol in moderation is fine. And yes, wine is good for you, etc. But when you cannot take a drink without every last time ending up the next morning wondering what you did the night before, you have a problem. Time to make a life-changing decision.

Realize what’s holding YOU back.

why do i procrastinate on everything

Just realizing what the cause is will help you over the hump. If it is fear of failure, realize failure is the first step to success. Failure just proves you have something to learn. If you aren’t failing, you aren’t learning.

IF you’re overwhelmed by the number of tasks, make a list of what you need to accomplish. Rank the list from lowest to highest depending on importance. And then work down the list from most important to least. Or rank them from easiest to hardest. Get rid of the easiest ones first, giving you a feeling of accomplishment and shortening your list.

If an item on the task list is too big, break it down into smaller tasks. For instance, try making an outline for your blogging subject. Then tackle each line item separately. Finally, combine it all into your blog/post.

If it is too many distractions, try eliminating them one at a time. Go to another room away from the TV. Get up, turn the TV off. Take care of the mowing,

How does one avoid procrastination forever?

If you’re like me, procrastination gets in the way of the important things. When I overcome it, it creeps back in, over time. Getting over it is something that needs to be accomplished in the sooner rather than later and banished for good. Mel Robbins has come up with an ingenious way to overcome it, and it seems to have worked great for her and millions of other people who have tried it.

It’s called the Five-Second Rule. No, it doesn’t have to do with dropping food on the floor, which at my house there is no five-second rule because my three dogs will never let a crumb hit the floor. You’d better not drop the turkey because the thing will be gone before you can say, “Let’s go get a pizza for Thanksgiving Dinner.”

Mel explains in her book, “The Five-Second Rule,” some interesting concepts. Our minds are programmed to avoid dangerous situations. If we’re a mouse wandering around looking for food and we arrive at the food, we start nibbling and all of a sudden, our mate gets eaten by a predator, we’re going to remember where this happened the rest of our lives, because we need to avoid that area in order to keep from being dinner for someone else.

How to use the Five-Second Rule.

why do i procrastinate on everything

Whereas if we found food, ate it, and nothing bad happened, no big deal, we forget about it. We’ll find lots of other places for food. In that fashion, our minds are programmed to be scared of anything and everything that is new to us. We avoid taking steps that would help us. Our subconscious minds stop us. With Mel’s rule, as soon as the idea pops into our head, we need to move on it immediately.

If we wait five seconds our subconscious mind will start telling us we can’t do that, we shouldn’t do that, and if we do that we’ll somehow die of a paper cut. We need to take action in the first five seconds. Need to do the taxes, get up now. Need to go exercise, get up now. Need to write a blog, sure enough, it worked because I’m 3/4s of the way through writing this blog as we speak!

To recap, the first thing you need to do is figure out what the problem is, Figure out why you procrastinate. That is half the battle. The other half of the battle is learning what to do about it.

I suggest reading Mel Robbins’ book, “The Five-Second Rule, Transform your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courage.” She has a lot of great stuff to help you through it. If you’re asking yourself, “why do I procrastinate on everything?”  It’s because you haven’t read Mel Robbins’ book yet!

==>Go here now to get a copy of Mel’s book!<==

The best of success to you overcoming a very common problem, I think we can all use some immediate relief from procrastination.

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Halo Bolt, A Product Review

Stuck in the parking lot alone with a dead battery?

How To Start A Car With A Dead Battery WITHOUT Cables.

Halo Bolt Charger Review

Halo Bolt Charger Review

Name: Halo Bolt Model 57720

Website: Available at Amazon here.

Price: The Model 57720 runs approximately $89.00

Overall Rank: 98 out of 100

Halo Bolt Charger reviewWhat is a Halo Bolt?

Halo Bolt Model 57720 Product Overview

This is a Halo Bolt 57720 Portable Phone Charger Power Bank Car Jump Starter. This charger will charge your electronic devices such as your smartphone, your Blackberry, or an IPad, PLUS this little unit will start your car if the battery loses the power to start it.

In only one use the unit will not only pay for itself, but allows you the security to know you will not be stuck in a dark parking lot alone with a dead battery waiting for the tow truck to arrive. You can jump start the car yourself without battery cables.

Some of us carry a set of jumper cables just in case the need arises, but during that need, there has to be a good Samaritan with another vehicle to supply the jump.

The Good & the Bad?

The Good:

The first time the unit is needed, it will pay for itself in avoided tow truck charges.

The unit can be used for charging other devices such as smartphones, IPad, and BlackBerry.

Choose from several style schemes, such as paisley, camouflage, etc.

Halo Bolt Charger Review

The Bad:

The unit weighs approx. 2.5 lbs so it’s a little heavy to carry around in a purse. Although a backpack would be the perfect place, or leave one in the glove box of your car.

Who is the Halo Bolt Model 57720 For?

This unit is great for everyone who owns a car, especially for high school or college students, and gives the parents the extra assurance that their student won’t be left somewhere stuck with a dead battery. This unit will also be convenient for the elderly as the added security will allow more independent mobility in the person’s own vehicle.

Mothers with young children will experience added assurance that they won’t be stuck in the grocery store parking lot with a dead battery while the kids are cranky and ready to go home. And of course, everyone who owns a vehicle has the possibility of experiencing a dead battery, so having one in the car at all times will be convenient. The unit weighs 2.5 lbs, and is much smaller than a set of jumper cables, it can be stored in the glove box.

Are there any tools tools or training needed?

The unit comes with the charging cord and wall pack, as well as the attachment cables and a How To Use Pamphlet with instructions on hooking the unit up to a vehicle.

Halo Bolt Model 57720 Support

The unit comes with the Halo Bolt standard warranty plus extended warranties are available.

Halo Bolt Model 57720 Price

The Halo Bolt can be purchased at Amazon for around $89.99. The price varies and can be purchased elsewhere as well. Free Shipping is available at Amazon. SPECIAL DEAL: Get $50 off instantly: Pay $39.99 upon approval for the Amazon Rewards Visa Card!

My Final Opinion of the Halo Bolt Model 57720

This is a great little unit, it’s convenient for charging portable electronic devices, so it will become part of the family.

Watch the Halo Bolt in action.

Halo Bolt Charger Review

Halo Bolt Charger Review Model 57720 at a Glance…

Name: Halo Bolt

Price: The Model 57720 runs approximately $89.00
Overall Rank: 98 out of 100

Website: Available at Amazon

VERDICT: Halo Bolt Charger Review

Go here NOW to purchase the Halo Bolt 57720 BEFORE you need it.

==>HALO BOLT 57720<==

Leave us a comment below on how it worked for you!