How To Create a Business Website Free.

How do you get a website started without shelling out lots of coinage?

How To Create a Business Website Free

When starting out in business, not having a website nowadays can be a large chunk of missed revenue.  Even when you try to get a business going with the least amount of expense to start, a website is a must-have for any business, especially an online business.  

Read on to find out how to create a business website for free.

Getting a website up and running can be very difficult.  Especially when you don’t have $5000 laying around the house to drop on professional website design, fancy domain names and hosting.  Those three things will still not guarantee you’ll have a successful website.  

Or you could take the $1000 training route only to find out you’ll need more training to the tune of $2500 extra, and it goes up from there.   Then where will you be when you discover your particular idea is a big flop?  

How To Create a Business Website Free

You know you need a website to succeed with any business, but how do you get it off the ground without all this high dollar risk?  There is a way to get a website you created on the map without spending one cent/peso/euro. 

First off, it’s not gonna happen on your own without a little help.  Not without some special program, and some hard work on your part.  You can start out as inexpensively as possible, but starting a website for free is going to take a little effort and a little help.  

You can certainly download WordPress and get cracking on your content, but once again, it starts to be hungry for money about then.  You’ll pay anywhere from $14 on up for the domain name.  

Then you will spend a minimum of about $7 a month for absolute bare web hosting, no email or any extras.  And with all of that, it takes a certain level of expertise to keep it running, you’ll either buy lots of books or take classes and study it yourself.   

Which begs the question, who will run your business for you while you spend all this time running the website?  You can hire someone to take care of it for around $200 a month on up.  

How To Create a Business Website Free

There is an alternative.  

What you’re about to discover will get you a genuine bonafide website up and ready for you to transform it into YOUR work of art without spending anything but your time.  

The best route is to sign up for some free web hosting, free training, and even a free domain name with a company that offers a free starter membership. 

How about hosting for two free domain names.  Then you’ll be able to pick your niche, and get your own little square yard of internet real estate up and running.

Let’s look at the specifics.

This is with the perspective of an online marketer, with the realization that getting a business up and running in the real world has similar tasks.   

The Web Hosting

The most popular website content management system (CMS) on the internet is WordPress.  You’ll have access to this platform through the web hosting company.  

how to create a business website free

WordPress is used on 65% of all websites, it’s great for bloggers, it’s great for e-commerce, and it’s great for service-oriented businesses.  There are plenty of free themes for different types of businesses. For instance, the restaurant theme, “Restaurantz,” is great for a restaurant business, and WooCommerce is great for an online store.    

When you’re searching for a theme, just enter the type of business and a list of themes oriented for that business will come up.  Some themes are generic, others are more niche specific. 

WordPress is also an open source system so there are upwards of 38,000 different plug-ins to suit whatever business you’re planning on pursuing.   If you are creating an online storefront, the best plug-in for that would be the one just mentioned, Woocommerce. 

How To Create a Business Website Free

The Free Training.

Initially, you’ll need a niche, and if you have a particular line of business you’re already interested in, then that will most likely be your niche.  You’ll want to dive into that niche and get familiar with the market, as well as the people who inhabit that niche.  

This will give you a better understanding of your niche and help to zero in on your particular market.  Try to go as specific as possible with the niche.  

The free training will help you choose your niche and have ideas on how to narrow it down, then you’ll learn how to create the website, and get it up and running.  Your OWN website.  

How To Create a Business Website Free

The Domain

You’ll then need the domain name to try your niche out on, free again.  This company has its own web hosting so you can try your niche out to learn what works and what doesn’t, with their web host.  

Of course eventually, you’ll want your own specific domain name.  Free can’t last forever.  You can search for and purchase one that fits with your niche.

When choosing a domain name, it’s better to go as specific as possible with the name.  In other words, it’s better to have a domain named, rather than for a dog-related niche.  

Here is an introduction and more specific description of the website training and hosting company, go here for a more detailed rundown of the web hosting and training site you’ve discovered.  Remember, you can keep your hard earned cash in your pocket for now.

A Wealthy Affiliate Review.

How To Create a Business Website Free

Wealthy Affiliate Create-An-Account Page

Free training, free domain name, free web hosting.  What else is there?  That’s how to create a business website free.  

Ready to create YOUR business website for free now?

In the comments below, let us know what your specific niche is and your email, we’ll help you boil that niche down to a moneymaking website!


How To Create a Business Website Free

Try This Free Keyword Popularity Tool

Looking for a keyword popularity tool?

How about one with a free membership?

Free Keyword Popularity Tool

“Keywords are the backbone of good content.”

You certainly don’t want to stuff your content with keywords, but you need to be able to choose a good keyword and then write your post about it. Take something like “learn to make money online.” The best content for your post is writing about that concept, “learn to make money online.”

Try it here now for free!

So the first thing on your list for writing good content is to have a good keyword. Where do you get that popular keyword? You get the tools needed to find it. And it is always beneficial to see how a keyword tool works before signing up for it.

That’s why having a free initial membership is good to have. Then you can test it out to see if it works, see if it’s something easy to use and most importantly, you want it to be accurate. Free only lasts so long until you go professional and outgrow the free version.

Then you want to be able to upgrade without losing any saved work or losing any usability

.free keyword popularity tool

Take the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool by the boys over at Wealthy Affiliate. They’ve been in business since about 2004 so they know their way around the internet. They eat and sleep network affiliate marketing. And they offer a great tool for keywords.

Right from the start, it’s a free keyword popularity tool. Then it morphs into your right-hand man (or lady), once you get really serious about your internet business.

Actually, the pro level is included for free in the Wealthy Affiliate hosting platform, along with all kinds of training.  For $49 a month you can get Wealthy Affiliate AND the Jaaxy keyword popularity tool.  Or for $19 a month, you can get Jaaxy Pro Level.  It’s up to you.  But that’s information for another post.

How does it work?

Now, how does this free keyword popularity tool work? The free part of it lasts forever, time-wise. It’s only limited to 30 keyword searches.

You can use it for a search every other day if you like, and have it last for 60 days. Kinda like a Tootsie Pop. You can take forever to eat it, but you only get so many slurps before it runs out. With the Tootsie Pop, no one knows how many, because you bite it before you get down that far!

What does it look like?

What does the Jaaxy Keyword popularity tool look like? It has a set of menus at the top of the page, and right under that is a set of submenus for each line item on the main menu.

Free Keyword Popularity Tool

In order to search for a keyword, click the Search menu at the top, then the Keyword submenu. Type in your niche idea, such as earning an online income. and you will get all kinds of info on that keyword, plus a list of other closely related keywords and all kinds of information on those too.

Information such as how many searches are performed per month, how much traffic one can expect from being on the front page of the search. It includes how many other websites use that specific keyword as their featured tag, as well as the overall SEO ranking and the estimate of how well the keyword will perform.

Best of all, it includes whether domains are available under the three most used extensions, .com, .net, and .org. Plus it suggests other relevant keyword searches that are possible.

What does the free version come with?

The FREE version gives you ten line items per search, so technically for your 30 free searches, you could be looking at 300 keywords for your particular niche.

And every line item includes the number of monthly searches, amount of traffic if you reach the first page, number of other websites who have posted for that niche, as well as the SEO ranking.

How do I get it for free forever?

Let me repeat, if you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate, this Jaaxy Keyword Popularity Tool is free for as long as you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate. 30 searches this month, 30 searches next month, 30 searches after that, etc, etc.

Now, if they include the Pro level for free at Wealthy Affiliate for 30 searches a month, that means your “No Obligation” free keyword popularity tool should last you for at LEAST a month.

By using it every other day, you can stretch it to two months. That is plenty of time to decide if it will work for you. And free is only as good as the time you take to decide, after that, if it’s good enough, then you sign up for the $19 a month service.

How long does it take to use?

The real question is, how long will it take you to find some great keywords for your niche. You can have them in an instant because once you hit the enter button, that baby starts racking up the keywords like a frog eating mosquitos in a pond.

Then it starts throwing relevant information out just as fast. It doesn’t take the software very long to get you the information you need. Free shouldn’t mean slow. The free version is only limited by the number of searches, not by the capability of the tool.

You can try it out here, no credit card required. Go try it out, then come back and leave me a comment. I want to know if you found it easy to use, and if you found it thorough in its search, and lastly if this is the tool for you!  That’s my take on the Jaaxy Free Keyword Popularity Tool.

Free Keyword Popularity Tool

Sign up for the Jaaxy Free Keyword Tool searches here

Try Jaaxy out for 30 FREE Searches.

Leave us a comment, did you like the Jaaxy tool?


How and Where to Start Affiliate Marketing, Even if You’re a Novice.

You want to start affiliate marketing but you don’t know how to start or where to start.

Right here is a good place to find out.  Why? Because I found out through trial and error, HOW to start, and through research and observation, WHERE to start.  

Table of Contents

  1. HOW Do You Start.
  2. Creating Your Website.
  3. Choosing a Theme.
  4. The Keyword Phrase
  5. Affiliate Marketing Programs.
  6. WHERE Do You Start.

It doesn’t take a lot of money to start affiliate marketing.  So stay away from the hundreds-of-dollars make-big-money-by-tomorrow-at-6-AM overnight programs.  

They don’t teach you any more than the other sites and if by chance you don’t quite fit into the affiliate marketing scene, you won’t be out a chunk of change.

Affiliate marketing does take some effort, some time, and some patience.  You have to do the work, you have to do the training and you have to keep at it until you see the success.  

Once you see that success, you’ll know why people LOVE it.

HOW do you start affiliate marketing?

how and where to start affiliate marketing

You start affiliate marketing by first deciding what your niche will be (pronounced neeshe) .  Look around and see what is popular in your life.  Do you like music, animals, other people, hiking, biking, what is it that interests you?  Make yourself a list of all the things that appeal to you.  

Then start looking for the ones that stand out to you.  Maybe you’re an expert at something like being handy with tools, being able to craft useful items, or having a good understanding of fashion.  You’ll be immersing yourself into your niche, becoming the expert, so it should be something you are passionate about.

How not to choose a niche.  

A niche is not a section of the population such as a certain age group such as millennials or baby boomers.  Those are demographics for target markets.  A niche is not just one word, such as music, or animals.  Those are categories of target markets.

An animal niche might be flourescent, glow in the dark, dog collars and leashes, or cat houses and toys.  If your interest is music, ask yourself what type of music you like, do you play a particular instrument, or what is your favorite genre. So your niche needs to be small enough that you can eventually become the big fish in the small pond.  For more on niches, go here. Choosing a Niche For Your Website

Creating your website.

Then, once you have your niche, you can start working on creating your website.  You’ll be writing a lot of content about your subject, or blogging, as the term is used. In order to create that website, the best choice for bloggers is to find a webhost that offers WordPress.

How and where to start affiliate marketing

WordPress is a great content management system (CMS)  for creating and managing a website, especially a product information website.  Wordpress also offers about 38,000 plug-ins for finetuning your website to your exact niche and method of marketing.  

With the right training, you can learn how to create a WordPress website in as little as 30 seconds.  For more on creating the actual website, go here.  Creating a Website In 30 Seconds.

Choosing a Theme.

As you are creating your website you’ll want to look for a theme that fits your niche.  A theme is just the WordPress structure of the website you want to build.  There are plenty of free themes to choose from so don’t go overboard buying a theme when you will probably want to change it later anyway.  

A few of the basic free website themes that work well for all around niches are the Twenty Sixteen,Twenty Seventeen, and Twenty Nineteen, all created by the WordPress team..

Once you have your website up and running you can add content and some product reviews.  Product reviews are the backbone of the affiliate marketing business.  

People are looking for information on products so your job is to give them as much information as possible and to the best of your knowledge.  Then, if it’s an accurate review and they like the product, they will go ahead and purchase it.   And you’ll receive a reward for letting them know your opinion.

The keyword phrase.

Your post will need to focus on a keyword phrase in order to rank with the search engines.  In order to do that you’ll need a basic keyword finder tool.  There are plenty out there, some are offered along with the platform, others you might have to pay for. Think of the keyword phrase as the subject of your post.  That’s what you will be writing about.

How and where to start affiliate marketing

Your niche might be quality large breed dog food.  So your subject might be “best large breed puppy dog food” and do a review of the “Blue Buffalo Large Breed Puppy Dog Food.”  Incidentally, those are both great keyword subject phrases and you can go purchase Blue Buffalo here!   Blue Buffalo Large Breed Puppy Dog Food.

So you have your niche, you have your website, and you have some keyword appropriate content.  Next you’ll need to get enrolled in some of the affiliate marketing programs.

Affiliate marketing programs.

These come in all sizes, shapes, and configurations.  Once again, do not spend money joining an affiliate network.  They are paying you, not the other way around.

One of the biggest, not the be-all-end-all, is Amazon.  When you sign up you’ll be able to find products, get affiliate links, and then add them to your content using photos of the product or links in your content.  Once someone clicks on the link, they will be taken to the purchasing site in order to complete the purchase, such as the Blue Buffalo example above.  Your job is done.

WHERE do you start?

Being a novice you’ll want to start out inexpensively with as much training as possible and access to a website building host.  There are several good ones, there are a lot of them that charge a pretty chunk of change, so stay away from those.  The one I use in particular has worked well for me so I’ll cover it.

How and where to start affiliate marketing

The name of that site is Wealthy Affiliate.  They offer loads of training, website hosting with the WordPress system, and a keyword tool, all included there in the package.  They have a free level with training, so you can start out with some training, get your website running and find out of this is for you.

The training is great.

Like I said, you can join for free, and that basic training will get you all the way up to and through creating your website, on their hosting platform.  Then they offer unlimited free training and access to 1000’s of other successful entrepreneurs with the Premium level.  This way you can try it out, get the website up and running, and see how you like it.

Wealthy Affiliate is how and where to start affiliate marketing with FREE training.   

By the way, did I mention the big discount?  Read about it here!

You can start out creating blogs of some of the products you use in your everyday life pertaining to your niche.  Such as clothing for fashion or tools for collecting fossils.

My personal opinion?  It’s exciting, it works your brain, it’s like a video game in real life, and that is why I love it.

Leave us a comment!

What’s affiliate marketing and how does it work? A beginner’s guide.

So you’ve heard the term, now what is it, what is Affiliate Marketing and how does it work?

What's affiliate marketing and how does it work?
It’s just a great way of making an income online.

How did I come across the Affiliate Marketing business?

I was online a while back and happened to be inundated with a web ad that promised instant riches, no chance of failure, and ease of accomplishment making money on the internet. It was an ad for entry into the affiliate marketing industry by one of those expensive $2500 programs.

Being the commitment phobic I am, I decided I would research “affiliate marketing”, as that is a term I had not been subjected to before now.  Although starting a business online has been a possibility I’ve always wanted to pursue, for that price tag, this sounded like a scam.  Then I discovered a Wealthy Affiliate review that explained it all.  This is a brief rundown of what was revealed in my research.

Is this one of those internet Get-Rich-Quick schemes for instant riches?

What's affiliate marketing and how does it work?
Beware of the Get-Rich-Quick schemes, it doesn’t happen overnight.

First off, “instant riches” is a huge RED FLAG that denotes someone is about to lose money to a scam artist, usually the one taking the bait of the promise.  Don’t get me wrong, there is a miniscule percentage of the population who do make exorbitant amounts of money on the internet, but certainly not instantly, and you’d have a better chance playing the lottery.

Secondly, failure in any endeavor is always a possibility, there is never a guarantee of success, and it’s a good idea to be aware that the get-rich-quick scammers are getting rich quick off of anyone who’ll take the bait.

And thirdly, the affiliate marketing business is a legitimate business, just like any endeavor that requires some time and work to be successful at.

What does an Affiliate Marketer do?

Now, lest you say, this term is unfamiliar to me also, I’m too old to start something new, my bunions are aching, etc., etc., let me explain what an affiliate marketer does.  Simply put, an affiliate marketer is an individual or company who, through his/her own experience, finds a product they like, and introduces a customer to a seller for a product the affiliate marketer enjoys.

This Is Just Helping Someone Else!

What's affiliate marketing and how does it work?
People Helping People

This is just you telling Thelma across the street, that Charlie’s General Store has a great fidget spinner that Thelma might be able to use.  So Thelma goes to Charlie’s and buys one.  Charlie gets the sale, Thelma gets the new fidget spinner, and everyone is happy.

Except with affiliate marketing, it’s online, Thelma lives 800 miles away from you, and Charlie’s General Store is a website like Amazon, and Charlie gives you a little commission… you get paid!  Thelma doesn’t mind, that’s the best fidget spinner she’s ever had because YOU did the research for her.  She trusts you!

So what is Affiliate Marketing in a nutshell?

An affiliate marketer creates a website of their favorite subject, they find products or services related to that subject. They write reviews for those products or services and include an opportunity to visit an online retail store to purchase the product.

The customer reads the review and buys those products or services from the retailer. The retailer gets a profit from a sale they wouldn’t have otherwise gotten. The affiliate marketer receives a commission.

 Why is Affiliate Marketing one of the best online businesses?

It exercises your mind, you’re learning something new every day, once up and running, it allows you plenty of free time to exercise your body.  It isn’t physically demanding such as a lawn mowing business or a handyman service.  It’s the best way to create a business from a website!  And lastly, it allows you to….

Help Lots Of People!

In other words, with affiliate marketing, the person across the street could be anywhere on the planet, Charlie’s could be any one of 100s of 1000s of large and small companies with an affiliate program, the fidget spinner could be literally billions of products or services.  And Thelma could be 4 billion people using the internet today.

Do I need a degree in Marketing?

It does NOT take a college degree, It does NOT take an exorbitant amount of money, I DO enjoy interacting with the other affiliate marketers making money doing what I always knew was possible, I just hadn’t taken the time or the effort to start the journey.

I’ve now taken the time, made the effort, started the journey, and have come to the conclusion that I want to help other people who also want to know how to start a business from a website.

What if I really could create a business from a website online?

Through all this research, I discovered there are a number of companies who offer expensive training, some who offer training for a small price and a few who offer training for free.

I even found one that offers FREE training, and a chance to TESTDRIVE their program… for free! No credit card required to sign up.

What's affiliate marketing and how does it work?

Best of all, I found one who has successful, friendly, affiliate marketers who want to see ME succeed.  And some of those people are MY age, baby boomers who have accomplished this, who are working on accomplishing this, right alongside me.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Program Ever… WEALTHY AFFILIATE.

Wealthy Affiliate will HELP you figure out who you have a message for, and what your product category is (your niche).  They will help you figure out the best way to put your message out there, whether it be by blog, website, or a number of other methods.  They’ll teach you how to create a website in 30 seconds.  People helping people create a business from a website.

Tell me about this free training!

What's affiliate marketing and how does it work?

They offer a free starting level where you get access to free training, two free websites, and access to an extremely knowledgeable and friendly community.  They offer a very inexpensive (less than $50 a month at this writing) Premium level where you get MORE training than you can shake a stick at, and 25 websites!  With 25 websites you could start a website for every one of your aunts and uncles, maybe a cousin or two!

With the fundamentals of affiliate marketing you will learn:

  • Choosing your audience
  • Focusing on your niche audience’s needs
  • Choosing a domain name
  • Creating a website
  • How and Why to blog
  • Understanding and applying Search Engine Optimization (SEO) principles
  • Problem solving and much more

For more on free training, see FREE TRAINING

I sometimes have trouble with the online instruction, what if I need some extra assistance?

They offer assistance at every step of the way as well as a community of thousands of successful affiliates, from people who started a day before you on this journey, to people who have been successful for many years at it.

So I can get some of that free training with the Free Starter Level?

With the Free Starter level you can run through the initial first level of training, 10 classes, create your own website, check out the Wealthy Affiliate program, meet some people, get some opinions from them and make an informed decision about becoming an affiliate marketer.  All without spending a red cent.  How do I know?  That’s how THIS commitment phobic got started!

When you get that Free Starter site up and make some extra income, then you’ll want to keep right on going and sign up for the Premium level.  That’s like getting to test drive that new car for a whole week!

Tell me more about The Premium Level.

The next, last, and ONLY other level available is the Premium Level I wrote of earlier.  $49 a month ($359 if you sign up for Yearly membership) gets you 25 free websites from their domain,  and hosting for another 25 websites with domains YOU own.

It gets you MORE free training, and believe me, there is a LOT of training to be had here.  It gets you access to 800,000 other subscribers.  Plus, you get free webinars from Jay every Friday evening.  AND a direct line to the owners of the company, Kyle and Carson!!!

Best of all, there is no $2500 price tag, or $2000 upgrade or any of the scam stuff.

Come to think of it, my neighbor in real life tried the other guys’ program, literally a $4000 investment.  They’re still struggling to get it off the ground! Maybe they need the $2000 upgrade!  Or better yet, they needed WEALTHY AFFILIATE in the first place!

NOW, when you decide affiliate marketing is something you want to do, then WEALTHY AFFILIATE is the place to be.  As stated earlier, with the Premium level, you’ll get 25 websites, the community of fellow marketers, much more training, and a whole host of other perks.  Here are all the perks a Wealthy Affiliate member enjoys:

I personally signed up in June of 2017, I am still charging through all the training as I write this, this is where I recognized normal everyday ordinary people like you and I ARE making money on the internet.

What's affiliate marketing and how does it work?

Is Affiliate Marketing right for you?

To help you decide of affiliate marketing is right for you, ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I making the kind of income I’m comfortable making?
  • Do I feel I am working at the top of my potential?
  • Do I take all the vacations I want to take with my family?
  • Do I enjoy the the career I’m in enough that I can do this until I retire?

If you answered no to one or more of these questions, you’re ready to improve your lifestyle by starting on the path to creating the kind of income you DO want.

Through my review of Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll learn how affiliate marketing will take you where you need to be.  Wealthy Affiliate is where 800,000 other successful entrepreneurs are.  It’s certainly not a get rich quick scheme, it’s a tried and true method of creating a successful online business.

It takes some time, and effort, but it’s not difficult.  And it’s fun and enjoyable! You can sit on the couch with your feet up, but you’ll want to give up watching The Hallmark Channel if you expect to succeed at this.

You CAN, however, sit on the couch with your computer and make an income.  You DO NOT NEED any form of payment for the free level, unless you live in a handful of countries that the free level is not available in.

You’ll know you are ready when your gut and your mind are BOTH screaming at you that THIS IS IT!  LET’S GO DO THIS!

So what is holding you back?

The only thing holding you back is your courage!  If you want more information, read my other posts under the menu heading Extra Income, or just take that big step, get your feet wet and try it for free.

Try out the starter membership, it’s $0.  You can come back here to my site and yell at me if you don’t like it (seriously).  And did I mention it was free?

When you join, I WILL MAKE SURE TO GET IN TOUCH WITH YOU within the first hour. Please make me a promise!  That you will set-up your account.  It is a very simple process and you will be happy you joined Wealthy Affiliate.

Go here now to sign up for your free Wealthy Affiliate trial, no credit card needed!

If you have any comments or questions about any of this content, drop me a note below and I will be more than happy to discuss.

To your online success,


Find Keywords For Website Success: One Simple Process.

How do the experts find keywords for website success?

Funny you should ask! There is a website with a free starter membership, just for that, and I am going to help you through the process of finding a few keywords.

Do I need any tools for this process?

Yes, you will need at a minimum, a FREE subscription to The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool. The images I’ll be showing you are from my Jaaxy PRO account. Yours will be slightly different as you’ll have the free membership dashboard. After you are comfortably signed up, you have your coffee cup full and you’ve logged into your free subscription, it’s time to do a little keyword research.

Starting at the top, the upper left-hand corner of the dashboard has a search bar in it.

find keywords for website

The first thing you’ll want to do is type in the main idea of your website, page, or post. Maybe you are promoting baby strollers or, fishfinders, or even fossils, it doesn’t matter, the process is the same in order to find keywords for website success. So input your main idea and hit enter.

Can the experts walk me through this?

I’ll walk you through the process using the baby stroller idea.

find keywords for website

As you can see under the AVG column, there are 3076 searches a month for just that phrase. If your were to make it to the front page of the search engines, you could expect to get 523 visitors to your site, the TRAFFIC column. The QSR is the number of websites who use that phrase and are your competition, in this case 138.

The SEO value, a number between 0 and 100 is at 81. This is an okay number but is a little low. The competition is a little high, so 523 is an awesome amount of traffic but you’ll start out on page 14, without taking into consideration all the paid ads the experts have that will be competing against you as well. So we’ll scan down and see if there is any “low hanging fruit” find keywords for website

And sure enough, we have the “baby stroller reviews” a few lines down. Less traffic, but LESS COMPETITION! Also, even farther down, if you are promoting strollers AND car seats, there is an EXCELLENT keyword with that phrase. Competition is only 37 and the SEO rating is 93. That’s a good example of a great keyword, and the term we call, the “low hanging fruit”.

What about the other keywords for website success the experts mentioned.

Now, let’s do another quick example using “fishfinders”, and we’ll expand upon our technique as we go through it.

find keywords for website

So we plug “fishfinder” into our Jaaxy keyword research tool and we find that it’s still only an average keyword, now I want to show you what happens by just adding one letter. This may not be available in the free membership so I will show you here what I’m speaking of.

Over on the left-hand side of the list, you can see the blank checkboxes. If you click the one by your favorite keyword, then go to the top of the list, you can save all of your favorite keywords. I saved fishfinder and fishfinders so we could compare the two, and look at the difference adding one letter, the “s”, makes.

find keywords for website

Look at the difference in the number of monthly searches each one garnered. This is a prime example of how much one letter will change the results. But we still didn’t find our “low hanging fruit” for this inquiry.

This time I decided to add “reviews” to the mix, so let’s see what we come up with. “Fishfinder reviews” is still low on the SEO rating, and the competition is a little high for expecting 10 visits per month.

Back to the search, again. I decided instead of expanding upon fishfinders, I would add a couple of words before the keyword, the phase “top rated”, and look what I found, two awesome keywords right at the top.

find keywords for website

So don’t forget that you can add appropriate words after your main idea, or you can add words before it.

Looking at the values, you could write a post for either one and expect to get on the front page of the search engines fairly easily and garner close to 15 searches a month. If you were using the first term without a space in fishfinder, your competition would only be 16 other websites. As you improved your post, and the search engines recognized your site as a legitimate site, you could move up quickly.  Notice by adding a space in “fish finders”, the monthly searches went up by 10 but the competition went up by close to 50.  Which would be a better keyword?  Do most bloggers put a space between those words?

The Jaaxy Introduction Video:

How can 15 visits a month be adequate?

A word about that 15 searches a month. First off, your post will actually be loaded with keywords naturally, that even the experts don’t realize, and being high on the search rank will make those other keywords, which the experts didn’t even know they ranked under, more relevant as the website is trusted more.

Secondly, as you write more posts and rank for those also, your traffic goes up with each post you publish. 10 posts getting 15 visits apiece per month ends up being 150 people a month to your site. As you are expanding your reach with SEO, social media, and other avenues, the website ends up with 1000’s of visits a month.

If you are interested in trying out the Jaaxy keyword tool to find keywords for website success, check out my review of Jaaxy here!

==>Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review<==

Leave me a comment below, did you have success with Jaaxy?


The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

Jaaxy is the worlds most advanced keyword tool.

The Jaaxy Keyword tool review

Name: Jaaxy Keyword Tool


Price: Free Starter level, $19 Pro Level, and $49 Enterprise Level with Wealthy Affiliate membership

Owners: Wealthy Affiliate Owners, Kyle and Carson

Overall Rank: 100 out of 100

The Jaaxy Introduction Video:

What are we talking about here? SEO Keywords.

They are the whole basis of the online experience. If you want to find out ANYTHING on the internet, what do you do… Type in keywords.

If you want to put your information out to the world, what do you put in your post… Keywords.

If you want to find good places for news or social media or even restaurants, what do you type in… Keywords.  This is getting redundant!

Need I say more?

Actually yes. Because we who are the entrepreneurs, the people who enter all that information the whole world is looking for, need to know all about keywords.

It’s called SEO, Search Engine Optimization.The jaaxy keyword tool review

We need to know which keywords are the best keywords for the information we’re trying to get in front of the worldwide online community.

The Website Keyword and Rank Checker Overview

This is where Jaaxy comes into the picture. Jaaxy is without a doubt, the best keyword tool on the internet.

Jaaxy will allow you to put in an idea for a keyword and get the variations of that idea as well as the statistics of use, competition and overall worth of each keyword.

It will even tell you which domains are available.

This allows us to form our post around the best possible search term for the customer to use to find our information.

The Jaaxy dashboard shows, line by line, the different variations of the idea, and includes:

  • The average number of searches per month for that keyword.
  • The number of visits you can expect if you rank on the first page with that keyword.
  • The QSR, which is your competition, the number of websites that use that particular keyword.
  • The overall relative worth rating, which is how well this keyword will perform with respect to search criteria.
  • And the SEO rating, which is a scale from 0 to 100.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • Three levels depending on usage and frequency expected.
  • A base level is included FREE with a subscription to Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Relevant SEO information all in one place.
  • Easy to use format with different options at each level.
  • Fast response time.
  • Rates keywords using Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • Rank tracking with respect to your website and your keyword on all three search engines.

The Bad:

All that information can be a little overwhelming when you’re starting out, but eventually, that information all becomes relevant.

Then you realize there’s even more information you can use.  Such as the rank tracking feature.

Try it here for FREE now!

Who is The Jaaxy Keyword Tool For?

This tool is a must-have for bloggers, e-retailers, anyone who has the goal of using the internet to make a part- or full-time income.

The optimal users will be affiliate marketing bloggers who do not want to take hours and hours researching keywords only to find that the keywords were either totally flooding the market or have NO traffic whatsoever.

This is an excellent tool for the beginning affiliate marketers looking for the “low hanging fruit”.

The “low hanging fruits” are keywords with less than 50 QSR competition, 100 to 300 searches a month, and an SEO rating in the high 80s and 90s.

“This technology gives the blogger a greater chance to rank high on the Big Three search engines early in the game.”

The jaaxy keyword tool review

Is there any training with The Jaaxy Keyword Tool?

This site is so easy to use very little training is required, almost, as the term goes, a turnkey product. There is a very short, very quick learning curve, which can be dealt with during the free trial phase.

All it takes is diving in!

What kind of support can I expect with The Jaaxy Keyword Tool?

As always, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate are there to assist in any way possible. The tool is updated on the server so no need to reload every time an update is initiated.

The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Price

Here is a description of the different price levels:

Without a Wealthy Affiliate Membership, pricing levels are a 30-Day Free Trial, a $49 per month Pro Membership and a $99 per month Enterprise Membership.

WITH a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership, the basic unlimited time membership is included with Wealthy Affiliate, The Pro Membership is $19 per month and the Enterprise Membership is $49 per month.

Yearly memberships are available at an even greater discount!

My Final Opinion of The Jaaxy Keyword Tool

The Jaaxy Keyword Research tool is the most advanced keyword tool available. It has all the required information for the user to choose appropriate keywords for any online writing project without all the extra useless information that the other boys have.

The jaaxy keyword tool review

The Jaaxy Keyword Tool at a Glance.

As you can see, searching on the keyword phrase “learn how to make money online,” doesn’t give us very good data.  The QSR shows 99 other websites using that keyword.

But look how much different our data is for “learn how to make money online free.”  Now your competition is only 5 other websites!

That’s how the Jaaxy Keyword Tool works!

The jaaxy keyword research tool review

Name: Jaaxy, The Worlds Most Advanced Keyword Tool


Owners: The owners of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson

Price: Free level, $19 Pro Level, and $49 Enterprise Level with Wealthy Affiliate membership

Overall Rank: 100 out of 100



Go here to try Jaaxy for free:

The Best Website Keyword Finder in the Business!

Jaaxy Header Image Credit Enock Nsubuga

How to Earn an Extra Income With a Proven Method You Can Use.

Why HAVEN’T You Moved Out Of Mom’s Basement?

earn an extra income

Ever get tired of that Gap At The End Of The Month? What about HBA Syndrome? What would it take for you to earn an extra income?

Whatever you want to call it, it’s what’s holding you back. It’s time for you to prosper. Someone said the Good Book says money is the root of all evil. Or did it? I believe the LACK of money is the root of all evil. God says He helps those who help themselves. If you’re short on money, how can you help yourself, how can you help other people who need your help? All you do is worry about how to get it. And then evil thoughts start creeping in.

Is money really evil?

We mortals end up taking all this to heart and decide it’s evil to try to make extra money. Or we throw that out as an excuse to just not try. When I don’t care how hard you try, unless you’ve been CHOSEN to make Millions, it’s not going to happen.

earn an extra income

It’s like bodybuilding. So many people won’t even exercise because they don’t want to be an Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold worked his whole life, had an obsession, had doctors to help, and had the genetics to do it. People who don’t want to keep fit, don’t realize that.

It’s not because money is evil. Money isn’t evil, money is a means of exchanging what we produce for what our neighbor produces. Come to think of it, the lack of money isn’t evil either, the lack of money promotes a drive to get what we need, we can take the evil path and steal what we need, or we can put effort into it and benefit from His love and get a little help.

Take the honest path and let Him help you along.

I fully believe if you put your honest ALL into it, He will make sure you get what you need. In the meantime, we get plenty of lessons on how to be honest, plus when we get up off the couch and start working, we learn how He helps those who help themselves. Then we get to learn how absolutely exhilarating it feels to help other people. Especially in light of the fact He is helping you do it. Want to know what it feels like to know that He actually cares for you and has plans for you? Take the Path!

earn an extra income

Absolutely exhilarating.

I have no idea why or even if God chooses people to be ultra rich, I just know that down here on the other end of the scale, we sometimes need to earn an extra income. I know God uses us as He sees fit, whether we like it or not, whether we believe in him or not. I also know He’s not going to help us get what we need if we are sitting there on the couch watching reruns of The Andy Griffith Show. Although admittedly, there are a lot of good morals in that show that we somehow don’t get in the entertainment we have today.

Do you think He will help?

But we’re going to have to work at it, and He’ll be there right behind us helping us. Whether we know it or not. Whether we admit it or not. I am here to show you how to earn an extra income, I’m working on helping you make an extra income so I can help MYSELF earn an extra income.

So off my soapbox, (okay, it’s a coffee box) I have things to teach you. First off what’s our chariot, how do we get from here to there on this journey? It’s called affiliate marketing. It’s taking the time to write a post, explaining all about a product or service that could be beneficial to the reader. And there are lots of readers. Approximately 4 billion at last count.

earn an extra income

How does this work?

Let’s do a quick case study on a product called The Platinum Years. It’s a great training system to help people who are nearing retirement to understand what they want to do with their life after retirement. Now, I admit that a lot of you out there aren’t ready to retire, so bear with me, that’s just one niche you can work on.

Daily I hear of people who retire, then go home, they sit on the couch, they age years in a matter of months and they end up dying six months to a year after retiring, because they don’t know how to be retired They lost their will to live. So we have a product that is worth it’s mettle, it’s good for the community, and arguably it very well may save someone’s life.

So we’ll take that product and we’ll write a review for it. Then we’ll throw a few relevant keywords in it, put some pictures pertaining to the topic in there and publish it on the internet, We’ll promote it to people in that age range, the people who are ready to retire.

earn an extra income

When one of those people go to The Platinum Years website and purchase this training system, we’ll make a little money. They will have hopefully reaped a HUGE benefit from it, a happy retired lifestyle. We’ve helped ourselves by helping someone else help themselves. They know how to retire and still be productive and live a full life after retirement.

Is THAT what this is all about?

That’s what affiliate marketing is all about. There is a learning curve, for sure! God isn’t going to give us much unless we help ourselves! In our situation as well as the retirees! That also falls under the “Use It Or Lose It” category, I used my brain to write that post and figure out how to promote it.

What’s my next step?

The next step for you is to investigate this method of earning an extra income, because saying extra income is only a start, it really boils down to a good primary income. But you have to decide if you want to push it to that. How do you explore this?

earn an extra income

Find out all there is to know about this affiliate marketing business. 

Then read this post: Wealthy Affiliate Review. You can certainly check out SEVERAL companies for hosting your website. It’s guaranteed you will not find another website with more training, more options and more support than this one. Bar NONE.  THIS is how you earn an extra income!

Cheers, have a wonderful week!


P.S. Leave me a comment or a blessing, I’ll take either!