A Black Friday Deal

OOPS, you’ve missed the train on this year’s Black Friday Deal.

And although this is a setback, do not let it prevent you from your future at Wealthy Affiliate. You CAN go here to get a FREE Starter Membership and a BIG discount on your first month’s Premium Membership!

Everyone is searching for good Black Friday Deals!

Here is one you won’t want to miss. You can take advantage of it right now!

Ok, what is it?

You know I rant and rave all year long about how I am loving this new gig I found from Wealthy Affiliate. You know, the one where I have created these 6+ websites, and am I enjoying the process as well as the end product here. Well, I have some GREAT NEWS! While you will ALWAYS get a great deal at Wealthy Affiliate, they are brewing, or maybe I should say, COOKING up a BETTER deal for Black Friday!

Black Friday Deal, Black Friday Deals

So let’s run down what you get with Wealthy Affiliate. Seven days free trial to find out if affiliate marketing really IS something you want to do, within that seven days if you do sign up, you get a discount on your first Premium month. If you aren’t ready, you can still keep the free membership for as long as you want, you just won’t be able to get the first month’s discount after the seven days.

Wait, what about this free membership?

The FREE MEMBERSHIP includes an introduction to the free training included in your Premium Membership. Enough training to get a REAL WEBSITE up and running! With the free membership you’ll get hosting for two websites under Wealthy Affiliate’s Site Rubix website domain PLUS hosting for two of your own website domains! Did you count them, that’s FOUR TOTAL websites you can get going for the free membership.

Of course the two Wealthy Affiliate domains will be free. The two you own will cost 13.99 to 15.99 a year, but they will host them for you with the free membership. If you sign up in the first seven days, your first month will be 24.95 that month, thereafter it will cost a measly $49 a month. And what do you get for that $49 a month? Hosting for twenty-five of the Site Rubix websites, and hosting for twenty-five of your own domain websites! What would you do with 50 websites?

ALSO, you get unlimited access to ALL the training, and believe me there is a LOT of training there. Online Entrepreneur Certification is 5 modules with 50 lessons. Affiliate Bootcamp is 7 phases with 70 lessons. Wait, WHAT? That’s 12 modules and 120 lessons total. Do you know how much that will cost you at Udemy? ClickBank?

On top of that, you get access to something that is priceless in this industry. You get full access to the Wealthy Affiliate community. These are people who have come up with their own training on affiliate marketing, they do this for a living, they can help you with whatever question, however minor or major, that you have.

Oh, how do they know so much?

Some have been doing this for 15 years. Others are fresh into the arena. And ALL of them are ready to help, there is a live chat area, different classrooms for different aspects of the business. There is a search bar available that brings up a minimum of 20 different blogs for whatever level or problem you’re working on. There are people who will give you pointers on content, SEO, monetization, whatever you can think of because there are 800,000 other Wealthy Affiliate marketers on the website. And this is all included in the monthly fee.

So can we do a LITTLE math?

$49 a month x 12 months is $588 a year. Five classes at Udemy will cost you that much. So then you can go to a yearly membership at Wealthy Affiliate and get a big discount! Yearly will cost you $359, wow, that’s a whopping 40% discount.

BUT WAIT! There’s ANOTHER WAY! The infamous Black Friday DEAL. For Friday through MONDAY you can sign up for a yearly fee of $299. That’s 50% off the normal $49 monthly rate. What do you get for that? The PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP! The training, the people, the websites, what more do you want?

So, here is my suggestion. Sign up for the free membership. Dive into the training, create a website, and then if this is keeping you up at night because you’re so excited about this, then sign up for the yearly 50% discount! If you can’t pull this off in a year, at LEAST you put your all into it.

I’ll give you a hint. The people who stay with the free membership, aren’t near as successful as the people who go for the Premium membership. Not because of the training, but because they have invested in their goal! And they are going to stick with it until they accomplish it!

Can you tell I’m excited about this?  I’m signing up for the yearly membership this Black Friday!

GO FOR IT!  Click on the banner to join us!

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  1. Thank you so much for your thoroughly written article. I am looking for something I can do from my computer, boosting my income a bit, but, so far haven’t found anything which I felt comfortable to go deeper.

    I am afraid of too much scam.

    During my online search I have came along about the name Wealthy Affiliate but didn’t bother to look closer.

    I do like what I see and read in your article and the price is also right for me  and that I can start for Free.

    I certainly will take a closer look and thank you, again, for making it easier to decide, appreciated.

    • Sylvia, you can always try this for free.  That way you get your feet wet, and if it isn’t for you, then at least you’ve attempted it!  If it is for you, you’ve gotten to test drive the best affiliate marketing platform in the business!  

  2. This sounds good! I have read plenty of reviews about Wealthy Affiliate and they all point out that the training and community are excellent! And they also indicate that a lot of hard work must be done to set up your business. But I’ve also viewed this as an honest approach compared to all the make money online offers out there that promise instant success just by joining!

    The way I see it is: Wealthy Affiliate has the resources we need to create a successful online business, but we have to put the work into it! They can’t do that for us.

    The huge deal is that all these resources separately, in any other place cost much more than $49 a month. But with this Black Friday deal, for anybody that want to start a business online, the offer is incomparable!

    • Henry, good point!  This is not a get rich quick scheme, you do have to put the work into it.  And when you do, it will be worth it!  This deal gives you the best platform for that success at an even better price than normal!

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