A Tried and True Way to Cure HBA Syndrome.

Do you know someone who has a problem with HBA Syndrome?

Here is how to cure it without expensive treatments or shelling out a lot of money for something that doesn’t really work. HBAS can be cured, it does take effort and it takes a little time. But if you’re determined and have some ambition, HBAS is certainly something you don’t have to live with.

What is HBAS and what are the symptoms?

HBAS is very embarrassing, it’s definitely something people keep to themselves, you may have it, your neighbor may have it. Your children may even have it and you do not know.  Put bluntly, HBAS is the need to know how to earn an extra income online.

how to earn an extra income online

HBAS stands for Hungry Bank Account Syndrome. It’s that gap at the end of the month in your budget. It’s wanting to take the better half out for a date and not having enough in the account to pay for a burger and fries, let alone the movie. It’s wanting a cut and style yet there’s not enough to buy cat food, let alone make yourself pretty.

You know, there are all kinds of ways to make money, some easier than others. Internet affiliate marketing is a great platform as it stretches your brain and your imagination, and doesn’t take a lot of physical effort. It takes some patience and hard work.  That’s how I cured my HBAS.

Before I did that, I took a detour on Network Marketing. Or multi level marketing… MLM. This genre has changed a lot in the last few years as social media and interaction with other people has become easier. I do have to say, Eric Worre is a great guy, he knows his stuff and he will teach you how to be a master network marketer. As Eric explains in his book Go Pro, (click on the link to buy it) there are five basic skills to learn to become a proficient network marketer.

how to earn an extra income online

What are these five basic skills?

Numero Uno, of course, is contacting. All you need to do is learn how to approach people and make friends, and find a way to keep in contact. This is probably the most important of the five skills and if you master this skill you’ll have more prospects than you can shake a very large tree limb at.

Secondly, learn how to invite. During conversations, look for keys indicating your prospect is ready for a change, or could use the product you are promoting, and then invite them to learn more about the product or service. Approach the prospect more than once, as most people are invited a number of times before being shown an opportunity.

Thirdly, present the product or service and the compensation program. Study your product so you can answer any questions or objections, know the compensation plan and be able to present it.

Fourth, follow up, find out what the objections are, be able to overcome them and then sign the prospect up.

Fifth, train your new distributor. This is one that is fairly easy to accomplish and also fairly easy to forget. You sign them up and then you turn them loose to do exactly what it took you forever to learn. He/she may not be as persistent as you, in fact, chances are the first time he/she gets a no, you’ll lose your new distributor!

YOU need to train them. You need to walk them through the exact process you went through. Only take their hand, don’t let them stumble around in the darkness like you did.

What’s the most important aspect of Network Marketing?

how to earn an extra income online

The MOST important aspect to Network Marketing is to make sure you are getting involved with a product that will sell. Some products, no matter how hard you try, really aren’t marketable. It’s great that someone decided to create the product and are too cash strapped to market it, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to be able to market it, either.

Don’t get me wrong, there are people out there who are born marketers who will make a killing off some oddball and impossible to sell alternative medicine oil, but if you aren’t one of those people, you aren’t going anywhere in that market.

There are a TON of products out there that are good products, but the market is so saturated with that particular product that a lot of people have heard of the product and are now buying from their brother/cousin/ex-boyfriends mother, etc. Which means you’re late arriving in the market. So a lot of that effort is going to be wasted.

Then there are the products that were really hot at first then people realized the one you were about to hook up with is three times as expensive as the version you can buy at the local corner store. With some luck and a lot of effort, you may succeed, but Network Marketing isn’t easy so pick a newer company with a good product and a good compensation program.

What are some of the up and coming MLMs?

how to earn an extra income online

Some of the up and coming MLM’s are:

Senegence for make-up.  This is the 18-hour lip product, as well as other long lasting make-up.

Stampin Up for crafting.  These people make all kinds of cool stuff like greeting cards, etc.

Color Street for nails.  These are the stick-on fancy nails that can be removed easily if one gets scratched.

Red Aspen for lashes.  These are the convenient reusable eyelashes that fit any fashionista’s budget.

That is just to name a few for women.

Man Cave Worldwide for men, they have barbecue and entertainment equipment.  (no, they don’t sell carburetor parts!)

And the ever present Amway.

Plus a TON of other stuff.

Hobby and crafting fairs are a viable alternative for collecting prospects for your MLM. Not only can you sell a little product but you can prospect right there without contacting your relatives.  If you have an artistic hobby such as woodworking, knitting, greeting cards, or have a hobby such as collecting dolls, toys or what have you, you can combine your MLM and those crafts.

Is there an easier way to cure HBAS?

Yes, there is an easier way to cure HBAS, but it takes a little time, and if you really want to find out how to earn an extra income online, read more about it, go here now:

===> Affiliate Marketing Introduction <===

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