Are you concerned about your health in the coming years?

Many of us are, it’s important for us to maintain what we have.  We want to exercise enough,  but not enough that it hurts.  We want to eat healthily, yet not too much!  Baby boomers and health should be an ongoing partnership.

And for those of us who have minor health issues, we need to make sure we take prescribed medications as required.  We take our health for granted until we have a problem, then is when we realize we should have paid attention earlier.

With ailments such as diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension knocking on the door, we need to be diligent in prevention as well as managing these conditions, especially in light of the fact, any one of the three can cause grave consequences if left unchecked.

Other diseases that experience a higher incidence of occurrence as we age are atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, cancer, cataracts, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Generally, baby boomers are healthier at our age than any other generation before us, we have access to better health care, less hazards in the home and workplace environment.   But also we ARE more aware of what keeps us healthy.

This section of the website is devoted to keeping us healthy, and periodically we will present articles we feel would be of interest to you for vitamins, supplements, exercising, weight loss, and other items pertaining to physical health.

For more information pertaining to medical assistive devices, go to Home Medical Equipment.  They have some good information on the uses and  descriptions of tools and devices for the physically challenged. (A little free advertising for a friend!)

If you’d like more information on health issues, click on the category Baby Boomer Health.

Check back periodically for more information and of course leave us a comment with other subjects you’d like to know more about! They have some good information on the uses and  descriptions of tools and devices for the physically challenged.

Next up: Why do we lose muscle mass as we age? And some baby boomer health statistics.

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  1. Hello Steve

    This is a great article. You are so right about us taking our health for granted. We are such a funny species, sometimes as we’re growing older we even feel the ill effects of our lifestyles and say to ourselves “tomorrow I’ll do better” until it’s too late, tomorrow never happened and the damage is done. You advertised my website!!! Thank you, I was so surprised:) lol I can’t thank you enough, that’s really kind Steve and I do believe in paying it forward you know:)

    Alright back to the article… with healthy diets and regular exercises we can eliminate some medications as well as generally feel better, stronger and just more alive. I’m looking forward to reading more of your articles.
    Have a great evening Steve


    • Angie, good to hear from you! Yeah, I think you’re right we get into a rut and forget to take care of ourselves for literally years, then all of a sudden we discover we’re going to pay for all that damage we did, for the rest of our lives! Stay healthy, Angie, and have a great weekend!


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