Baby Boomer Well Being

Are you worried about the next great phase of your life?   Are you apprehensive about your well being after you retire?

Most of us are.  Those ads about how much a million dollars will do for you in retirement may be relevant to a few people, but I know exactly NO ONE who has a million dollars saved.

I worked my rear off my whole life and never made that much in total!  So how do we get over the fact that we missed the “Successful Retirement Boat.”  That ship left at about the second time I was “downsized” from my cushy aerospace industry job.

Baby boomer fitness

First, we have to take care of ourselves, just because we have to cut back on the steaks doesn’t mean we have to sit on the couch for the rest of our lives.  

Fitness is a good avenue for Baby Boomers to pursue, but just as important is to make sure our mental well being is kept in tip-top shape also. At this stage in life, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything transpiring around you.  I, for one, have discovered that being in control of the changes in your life is much more rewarding and enjoyable than just sitting back with no control over it.

If you drive the change we’re all going through, you will not only make it through that change, your life will be more like what you want it to be, and you will have the reward of knowing you chose the way it turns out!  Even if it turns out less than optimal, it’s still a world better than being the victim of changes you had no control over.

As we all age, we go through this transition.  Choosing to learn new things stimulates the neurons and makes new pathways through our brains, that stimulation allows even more of our brain to wake back up and offer input into our situation, and allows our brain to choose the best options going forward.  Check out a few things I wrote posts about, to keep you mentally fit at “A Day Of Retirement” and “Triumph over Adversity“.

Baby boomer well being

The future all wrapped in a basket!

Learning new ways to make money, to eat, and take care of ourselves has a two-fold benefit, we retain more of our health longer through better choices and we retain more of our minds for the coming years.  It’s only too late to start something new if you let it be.  I, for one, started a new career, with training and all, at the age of 55.  If you want to explore some ideas on more income, try “Do You Want To Help Yourself ” or “The Seeds We Plant

If you do have worries with respect to retirement investment issues, please visit the Financial Educator website of Cosmas Agwu on How Money Works.

As Gandhi once said, “Be the change you want to see”.  That pertains to the world around us, as well as the world inside us. When you aren’t enjoying the grandkids or working on your affiliate marketing website, volunteer to help out delivering meals to the elderly.  Or volunteer at one of the local assisted living facilities in your area.  If you love children, see about volunteering at a grandchild’s local elementary school.  Now is the time to devote energy to helping other people.

Some things you can do for your brain is to exercise it daily, do a crossword puzzle, and do a Sudoku puzzle.  There are lots of free crosswords and Sudoku games online, just do a quick search for free crosswords or free Sudoku.  One works on the speech and comprehension areas of the brain, the other works on logic and math.

Read a book as often as you can, say a chapter a day from a motivational writer, or fiction.  Knitting baby blankets or taking up a hobby such as model railroading will keep your mind in a learning mode.  And make sure you get enough quality sleep at “Sleeping Trouble And The Baby Boomer.

You are your own cruise director, so think of ways you can keep your mind active.  Whether with old friends (not in the literal sense, here)  or new friends, venture out and try new things.  You have nothing to lose but your boredom. And everything to gain, like a long and happy retirement.

If you’re looking for a little extra boost in the relaxation and Aches and Pains Department try “4 Things To Know About Hemp Oil” and “Is Hemp Oil All The Same.”

Memory and attitude issues can get a little boost at “No You Are Not Losing Your Mind,” “Elephant in the Room,” and “Positive Word Of The Day, Proactive.”

Come back to this area often to see what’s new and get more ideas on how to guide your own journey through the many years you will be retired.  From time to time I will be offering baby boomer products you can try out, so please let me know how they performed for you.

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