How to create a website using wordpress for free

Would you like to create a WordPress website in 30 seconds or less, for FREE?

How to create a WordPress website in 30 seconds or less

Have you always wanted to create your own website?

This post will show you, step by step, how to do just this, and it will take you less than 30 seconds. So hold onto your hat!  This will be your first step on a new journey to earn an extra income.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is WordPress?
  2. Sign up for Wealthy Affiliate free membership
  3. Go to “Websites”
  4. Go to “Site Builder”
  5. Choose Free Domain
  6. Choose a Theme
  7. Build YOUR website
  8. What if you need help?

What is WordPress?

First off let’s look at what WordPress is! WordPress is a website creating and maintenance tool for blogging. (It’s called a Content Management System, or CMS.) It also allows plug-ins for online stores, and media posts as well as other uses.

You can download WordPress and host your own website if you are computer savvy, which takes a lot of time, effort, and skill. Or you can sign up with a web hosting site who offers free training in the process, called Wealthy Affiliate.

The platform we’ll be using today is Wealthy Affiliate as they do have web hosting, domain availability, and some great training including videos to walk you through the process.

So now that we know the vehicle for creation, let’s move on to creating the website.

In order to create the site you will need a domain. This can be had by purchasing one from a domain supplier such as Wealthy Affiliate, or Wealthy Affiliate actually allows you two free websites on their domain for free with the starter membership.

Here’s the sequence, how to create a website using WordPress in 30 seconds, so hold on to your hat:

Sign up for your free Wealthy Affiliate account.

Click on the image if you don’t have one yet.  NO credit card required.  Don’t start the timer yet.

How to create a WordPress website in 30 seconds or less

Go into the home page and click on “Websites” on the lower left menu.  

Then start the timer.

How to create a WordPress website in 30 seconds or less

Choose Site Builder.  

This is where you are going to build that WordPress website in 30 seconds.

How to create a WordPress website in 30 seconds or less

Then choose “On a free domain.”  

You get two free domains in Wealthy Affiliate with your free membership, plus they will host two of your own domains.

How to create a WordPress website in 30 seconds or less

Then fill in your domain name. The system will tell you if it’s available. Also give your website a title. The title can be changed later, the domain name can’t.


Try the SiteRubix domain search tool here.

Scroll down a little and choose your theme.

Don’t worry, you can always change your theme later.

How to create a WordPress website in 30 seconds or less

Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit the “Click here to build the website” button.  Turn your timer off!

There you have it, you’ve created your own website!

Click on the image for a great video showing how to do it, also!

How to create a WordPress website in 30 seconds or less

After watching the video you will be able to ask lots of questions and those questions will be answered promptly, this is an invaluable feature of the Wealthy Affiliate community.

As soon as your website is up, START YOUR TRAINING HERE to write posts, populate fields, and add images to fill your website out to a beautiful piece of art! 

Great work, you’re already ahead of 90% of the pack!

What if I Need Help?

If you do not feel comfortable making your own website, I will build it for you, follow this link to Bright Site Design and enter your email at the bottom.


Promise me ONE thing.

That you’ll come back to this page and LEAVE ME A COMMENT, telling me what you did or did not like about this tutorial.

Ready for more information?

==>Read my Wealthy Affiliate Review here <==

As always, if you have any questions, we love hearing from you, ask below!

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What Wealthy Affiliate Is About, A Fascinating Review

(Find out below about my Secret Success Formula)

Finally, an honest review of Wealthy Affiliate.

This post will tell you what Wealthy Affiliate Is about. This is a review of the Wealthy Affiliate program, from someone who has tried it, this is where the rubber meets the road.

The Technical Stuff:

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Price: One Free Starter level, two paid Premium levels.
Owners: Kyle, Carson
Overall Rank: 98 out of 100

Table Of Contents

  1. What is it?
  2. What are the pros and cons?
  3. Who is it for?
  4. What are the tools and training?
  5. What support does it offer?
  6. How much does it cost?
  7. The Final Opinion.
  8. What to do when you arrive at Wealthy Affiliate.
What Wealthy Affiliate Is About




Wealthy Affiliate product overview, what is it?

A review of the Wealthy Affiliate program reveals a web hosting platform for the novice as well as the experienced affiliate marketer that offers free training, in order for YOU to earn an extra income.

And what is affiliate marketing?  Affiliate marketing is a means by which someone who is familiar with a product can write a review or create a video in order for a consumer searching for information on that product to get up to date information.

That allows the consumer the knowledge to purchase a product that better suits his or her needs.  This also allows access to a customer the seller didn’t originally have.  The seller then gives the affiliate marketer a commission on the sale.  Everyone gains a positive benefit from the transaction.

A survey of Wealthy Affiliate membership levels reveals the platform has a free starter member level, including hosting for two of Wealthy Affiliate’s domains and two of the member’s personally owned domains, as well as 10 free classes showing you how to get your website up and running in less than 30 seconds.

The free level also includes access to a live chat area for answers to immediate questions, private messaging to the owners of the company for 7 days, and 30 searches with the built-in keyword search tool.

Wealthy Affiliate has two paid member levels. The Premium membership, which includes 120 free classes, has access to Wealthy Affiliate’s own website domain, and offers hosting of 10 of the Premium member’s own domain.

The Premium Plus Membership offers access to 25 of the users own domains as well as 25 of Wealthy Affiliates domains. That’s a total of 50 domains possible.

Wealthy Affiliate offers access to a community of successful affiliate marketers that, at last count, was in excess of 800,000 members, who also offer great free training.

What’s The Good & the Bad?

The Good:

Offers a free Starter introductory level with access to Phase One of the free training, and hosting for two Wealthy Affiliate domains and two personal domains.  Phase One of the free training includes how to set up a WordPress website in less than 30 seconds.

Two levels of paid membership, the Premium Membership, and the Premium Plus Membership. The Premium Plus includes all of the bells and whistles offered in the Premium Membership, as well as UNLIMITED TRAINING, with no higher level available.

The Premium Plus also offers hosting of 25 websites of Wealthy Affiliate’s domain, and 25 websites of the member’s own domain.

Offers access to an entrepreneurial community of 800,000 other affiliate marketers who are successful in the business and are more than willing to help others in the community to success.

The Bad:
All that training can be overwhelming, you’re going to have to study.
Persistence, work, and patience are required.  No more 10-hour shifts of Facebook.

Who Is This For?

Wealthy Affiliate is geared toward helping novices of all ages who have no experience in internet commerce to become proficient and successful in the affiliate marketing industry, as well as assisting the expert in helping the community as a whole to become successful.

What tools and training does Wealthy Affiliate offer?
a review of Wealthy Affiliate

Tools include Live Chat, blogging opportunities, private messaging, and access to other successful affiliate marketers.  Training includes 2 complete courses, 10 different modules, with 120 classes total of the Wealthy Affiliate produced classes.

Training also includes courses and lessons created by the best affiliate marketers in the business.  These classes cover website creation and technical operation, niche ideas, SEO, content creation, monetization techniques as well as diverse topics from time management to goal setting.

Those training classes also include weekly webinars that are informative as well as entertaining on all manner of affiliate marketing subjects.

What support does Wealthy Affiliate offer?

Support is instantaneous, and this is what Wealthy Affiliate is about. All you need to do is log in and there is a live chat, as well as private messaging with the owners themselves.  Fellow members also offer answers to any questions put forth with experience handling the same issues.

How much does Wealthy Affiliate cost?

The Free Starter membership is just that, FREE.  And you can stay for as long as you like without suffering repercussions.  Certainly long enough to finish the training offered with the free membership.

A discount for the first Premium month is offered for the first seven days of the Free Starter level.  The Premium Level is only $49 per month.  That’s equal to one less Starbucks Coffee every other day for the month.  That’s the price of Cable TV for a week.  That’s about what one dinner for two at a sit-down restaurant will be before the tip.

Pricing is $49 a month for the Premium Membership, yearly is $389, and once a year on BLACK FRIDAY the yearly price is $299.  There are other discounts available!

The Premium Plus level is $99 per month and includes the Enterprise level of the Jaaxy Keyword tool. Yearly pricing was not available at the time of publication of this post.

What is MY Final Opinion of Wealthy Affiliate?

This platform is well worth the time and effort and it’s the least expensive way to learn this business. Training is free, and access to other successful affiliate marketers is priceless.  The technical support is there with the online classrooms and live chat for the person who needs answers in real-time.  Now YOU know what Wealthy Affiliate is about. This is a great way to try the Wealthy Affiliate platform, and get into the business to succeed! 

A Review of Wealthy Affiliate at a Glance…

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Price: Free Starter Level, Two Premium levels starting at $49 per month
Owners: Kyle, Carson
Overall Rank: 98 out of 100


Click on the blue box when you are ready to take the leap, take a free look around at Wealthy Affiliate, it’s always cancelable.

(No credit card required)

What to do when you sign into Wealthy Affiliate the first time.

When you get your email and password entered, you’ll come to your own personal Wealthy Affiliate home page.  On the LEFT side of the screen you will see a GREEN ARROW next to the word “Training”. 

A review of wealthy affiliate

The first thing you want to do is CLICK on the arrow.   THEN click on the “Online Entrepreneur Certification”. 

a review of wealthy affiliate

Then you’ll click on the “Getting Started”, then click on LESSON 1, Getting Rolling. 

This is where you start your journey to SUCCESS! 

a review of wealthy affiliate, What Wealthy Affiliate Is About
People Helping People

Oh, one more thing, here’s how to CLAIM a SPECIAL BONUS…

I call it “The Beginner’s Secret Success Formula!” Bonus. 

When you sign up for your  FREE Starter Account, I am going to offer you a bonus if you do decide to become a PREMIUM member in the first 7 days (including a 59% discount).  

You can still continue with the free starter account, but the Premium membership will go back up to normal price after that.  I will be personally contacting you on your profile with my “hello” and some more information about WA, how to get help individually from me, and how to claim your bonus.

Also, you’ll get access to other experienced affiliates, INCLUDING THE OWNER OF THE COMPANY, KYLE!   Trust me, this is going to be some AWESOME stuff.

I AM one who believes in this program and can see results in my own life, business, and through other people who have similar life experiences, similar backgrounds, similar obstacles to overcome in life, and looking for a good business.

You have ALWAYS wanted to create a business from a website!  After reading this Wealthy Affiliate review, are you willing to put a little extra effort into it?  Are you ready to learn how to start a business from a website for FREE?

==>BEFORE I FORGET, Go here NOW for the SPECIAL BONUS and my Secret Success Formula<==

Tell me what is holding you back from succeeding at your dream of being financially independent with the green grass on your side of the fence, below!

Leave me a comment!  

Ask me your questions below!



The Top 5 Things YOU need to know about Affiliate Marketing in 2022.

Is 2022 the year you’re going to start your internet career?

What is it you’re looking for?  A new house?  A new car?  Maybe you just want to get out of that J.O.B.  Maybe your BOSS is who you’ve had enough of.  Everyone has their own reason for looking for extra income.

Maybe it’s just the fact that you never get to go or do what you want to do.  You’re either working all the time or you’re off and don’t have enough money to pay for the tickets.  So after you’ve learned the top five facts, decide what your want is.  What drives YOU to look for extra income!

What do you need to know about affiliate marketing?  Here are the top 5 things you need to know for the coming year.  These 5 affiliate marketing tips skyrocket your online earnings and will help put you at the forefront of the fun!

Okay, what are the top 5 facts?

Hold on to your horses.  First, realize we’re in a global transition.

what do you need to know about affiliate marketing, 5 affiliate marketing tips skyrocket your online earnings

Affiliate Marketing is part of a global economy

We’re moving headlong into global economic interdependency.  Our markets are moving from bricks and mortar to online stores where your next three customers can come from Australia, then Sweden, then finish up from Nigeria.  Your products can come from Japan or Greece or Canada.  And never cross the border of your home country.

what do you need to know about affiliate marketing, 5 affiliate marketing tips skyrocket your online earnings

Google is only one search engine.

Online commerce offers every imaginable product in every imaginable configuration possible, at your fingertips.  We can purchase shoes from Japan, and trousers from Great Britain.  All in a few clicks of the mouse.  Forget the mouse, we can complete the transaction on our phones!

Look at Uber, they are the biggest taxi service and own NO cars.  And Netflix is the biggest entertainment company and own no theaters!

Does affiliate marketing have anything to do with this transition?

Affiliate marketing is a big part of this transition as customers are looking for information on a particular product.  Sure, there is a product description right there on the retailer’s sales page, but they want to read about the experience of a person who has personally used the product.  Or, at the very least, researched it much more thoroughly than they, in this busy world, have the time to perform.

what do you need to know about affiliate marketing, 5 affiliate marketing tips skyrocket your online earnings

Digital books are the way of the future.

No longer do people spend the time to go to the library for information on a product, there is a whole world at your fingertips sitting right there on your couch.  This global transition also allows people to purchase various products from various stores without spending all that time physically traveling from store to store.

Oh, XYZ isn’t available at this store, but we can drive 20 minutes to the other side of town to pick it up.  Not in the burgeoning economy of e-commerce!  We get online, we order it, we get it in as little time as that afternoon on some items.

what do you need to know about affiliate marketing, 5 affiliate marketing tips skyrocket your online earnings

The top five things to know.

With the distribution centers popping up all over the landscape, retailers can have that item you ordered, at your doorstep within hours.  And you’ll get a message on your phone to boot!  DELIVERED!

So, now I’ll tell you what the top 5 things to know about affiliate marketing are!

  1. Companies need affiliate marketers more than ever, as society moves more and more into purchasing online and customers are relying on the internet for information about products and services.  They need YOU!
  2. People who continually write online reviews of products will be more and more sought after to offer input to online audiences.  No longer will the days consist of spending hours browsing through shelves of shoes, picking out which ones are available, and trying them on to see whether they are flimsy or offer good support.
  3. The online world is exploding in popularity, which means more customers looking for more information every single day.  Last estimate there were 3.5 billion people on the internet.  How many people come of age every day around the world. That’s how many people are added every day to the potential customer pool.  By the end of 2018, that total very well could be closer to 4 billion customers.
  4. Opportunities for e-commerce are also adding new numbers in new ways to make money online, with not only affiliate marketing but through e-commerce platforms such a WooCommerce.  That allows more people to have online products themselves and to have other companies such as Amazon and AliExpress do the packaging and shipping.  Amazon’s answer to this is their Fulfillment By Amazon service.  They pick, pack, and ship for you, all you need to do is ship them your lot of products.
  5. Amazon isn’t the only internet option on the block!  Other companies are popping up continuously who pick, pack, and ship, and offer products or services online with affiliate programs in place just WAITING for hungry affiliate marketers to come along and help them sell their wares.

These 5 affiliate marketing tips will skyrocket your online earnings.  Kyle says it all here.  What do you need to know about Affiliate Marketing.

Can you tell me s’more about affiliate marketing?

what do you need to know about affiliate marketing, 5 affiliate marketing tips skyrocket your online earnings

Sitting by the campfire.

Affiliate Marketing is booming and if you are looking for extra income, or would like to transition out of the career you are in now, this would be a GREAT time to explore the affiliate marketing scene.

what do you need to know about affiliate marketing, 5 affiliate marketing tips skyrocket your online earnings

Time to take a bite of the fruit.

Affiliate Marketing is not a get rich quick scheme, it does take a certain level of effort.  But the members of Wealthy Affiliate are there for you when you need them.  And you will need them. Anything you start in life, requires some preparation and training.  Arnold Palmer didn’t start out swinging that club with a par score!  He had to work up to that.

The training over at Wealthy Affiliate is free.  You get the beginner training and Phase One, just by signing up for the free membership at Wealthy Affiliate.  Phase One is the Affiliate Bootcamp, 28 lessons, each with a How-To video, and access to LIVE HELP for the first 7 days.

They will host 2 websites for you, which means you can actually build two websites to get the feel of what affiliate marketing is all about!  AND I just learned you have access to 2 of the 12 Affiliate University classrooms.

The Premium level gives you hosting for 50 websites, 25 of their domain and 25 of your OWN personal domain, and access to ALL the training, PLUS access to ALL the other affiliate marketers and all of THEIR instruction materials.


What is YOUR reason for pursuing an extra income? What do you need to know about AFFILIATE MARKETING?  Here is where you learn more!

==>Read my Wealthy Affiliate Review here <==

As always, if you have any questions, we love hearing from you, ask below!

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The best way to get into Affiliate Marketing.

So you are ready to take the leap, but you don’t know the best way to get into Affiliate Marketing.

Table of Contents

  1. Why Are You Going To Do This?
  2. When Will You Do This?
  3. What Are You Going To Be Doing?
  4. Where Are You Going To Do This?
  5. Who Are You Going To Do This For?
  6. How Are You Going To Do This?

Starting anything new is always difficult.  Will I fail, will I run into roadblocks I can’t overcome?   What if I find out it “just isn’t for me”?

What if my friends have tried and failed at everything they came across and want to make sure I can’t do something they couldn’t do.  What if they laugh at me?

The thought of tackling something this daunting is fearsome.

Ask yourself this question.  What is the single most critical thing stopping you from taking that leap? Is it the fear of failure?  Is it the fact you’ve seen your own friends fail?  

Maybe you or a friend has been scammed online and you are wary of that happening again?

Or you really want to get started but have no idea how to do that, what it looks like, or what the first step is.

the best way to get into affiliate marketing, best way to get started in affiliate marketing

So lets run through the 5 Ws and H. Why, when, what, where, who, and the HOW.

WHY are you going to do this?

the best way to get into affiliate marketing,best way to get started in affiliate marketing

For the kids, for your spouse. For that “67 Corvette the old guy at the end of the street wants to get rid of. For the trips you’ll take to your home town with your spouse and kids.

For the college education your kids deserve, for the soccer lessons and LAX lessons the kids that want to be good in sports need. For the long days off you and your spouse will spend at the beach, for your grandkids’ birthday parties and presents.

For the trips to the museum with them when they have a day off from school and you don’t have to work because you’ve got this rolling and are loving the free time you can spend with them. For financial independence and all that entails, period.

WHEN will you do this?

the best way to get into affiliate marketing, best way to get started in affiliate marketing

Now, because there is no better time than now. Why wait til next month, you have a free trial coming so now is the time to start on it. And when you start you’ll start learning how to do affiliate marketing.  

You’ll have that website up in no time, and you’ll gain momentum so when the big lessons come you’ll have the little ones tucked back where you can remember them.

You’ll start on this now because for every month you wait to get started, that’s one more month you’ll have to wait to reap the rewards of being independent of a J.O.B. You’ll want to start on it now because it isn’t instant, it takes work, patience, and persistence. And time… so start now.

WHAT are you going to be doing?

the best way to get into affiliate marketing, best way to get started in affiliate marketing

You’re going to be studying the business, choosing niches, finding affiliate programs, researching keywords and publishing reviews.

You’re going to take the tiger by the tail, take the plunge, start your engine, hit the ground running and get on the bus Gus, there ain’t no better ride.

You’re going to sign up with the best company online, learn the business that’s going to take you to freedom with your family, freedom to visit far off places and have lots of time to do that.

WHERE are you going to do this?

the best way to get into affiliate marketing, best way to get started in affiliate marketing

In your living room. At the local coffee shop, in your home office, on the beach. You’ll be able to film a video down at the pool or at the playground, or in the garage, whatever is relevant to your niche.

You’ll wake up at 3 AM with ideas screaming in your head that you’ll write down, right there on your nightstand. You’ll write a little just before you head down to dinner at the hotel you’re staying at.

You’ll do this in the parking lot at the mall after getting a wild idea while shopping for jewelry. Because there are no physical boundaries for writing about your niche, snapping relevant pictures or even taking inspiring videos.

WHO are you going to do this for?

the best way to get into affiliate marketing best way to get started in affiliate marketing

Nine grandkids, six kids, one spouse. Your mom, your dad, your grandparents, even though they may be gone, they will be proud of you.

Your sister, your brother, your best friend. You’re going to do this for the flood victims you’ll donate clothes for. You’ll do this for the homeless people that you’ll be buying turkeys for and feeding this holiday season.

You’ll do this for the animal rescue group you got Otis the Bassett Hound from. You’ll do this for ALL the people who you will motivate to follow you through that open door you’re standing in front of.

the best way to get into affiliate marketing, best way to get started in affiliate marketing

Because if you don’t do it, countless other people you are going to affect with this won’t have that impetus to get it going without you coaxing them. You’re going to do this for people you’ll never know.

But they’ll know you.

Best of all, you’re going to do this for YOURSELF.

the best way to get into affiliate marketing, best way to get started in affiliate marketing

HOW are you going to do this?

Building a business online requires three things. Education, website, and support.

First you’ll need education. You’ll be able to create your website right along the lessons you’ll be studying.  

Because the online world is so vast even the smartest people on the planet don’t walk into this thing knowing everything about how to do it. So do not feel like you’re alone in that.

Anything worth doing requires some education at first.

Wealthy Affiliate offers 120 different lessons that walk you step by step all the way through creating the website, how to write posts, how to get traffic, how to choose keywords, which social media sites are best.

—A Review of Wealthy Affiliate, Is It Just Another Dead End?—

These are not 20 minutes of someone telling you they are going to tell you how to do something.

the best way to get into affiliate marketing, best way to get started in affiliate marketing

They are the meat and potatoes of this business. THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT. Perform the tasks, then NEXT LESSON.

How frustrated have you gotten when someone said they were going to show you how to do SEO but are really just promoting their own little SEO business.

There is a very popular guy on YouTube who is a dynamic motivating individual, who does nothing but tell you he’s going to show you how to do it. And he never shows you. I like his videos, he’s great at motivating me, but no meat and potatoes.

the best way to get into affiliate marketing, best way to get started in affiliate marketing

You’ll Need a Website

Next you’ll need a WEBSITE, so how about a free one. And that education I just talked about is going to walk you through how to create one with ease.

Once you get to that lesson, it’ll take you 30 seconds to create that website. And that’s in about the fourth lesson of the free trial education.

So you’ll be going in, getting enough free training to get your website up and getting it out there on the internet, before ever thinking about the Premium Membership.

Then what you’ll get is SUPPORT. There are experts in the field of affiliate marketing coming out of the woodwork on this platform. They will befriend you before you have a chance to even look for them.

There is even a live chat line where fellow affiliate marketers hang out to talk about the business. so when you’re sitting there working away, you can ask questions!

Plus you’ll have a message thread right on your profile page that you can interact with me and the owners of the company, as well as 800,000 other affiliate marketers.

Training and support at Wealthy Affiliate are NOT one of the reasons you will EVER fail at this business. So follow me over to the website here. I have an introductory video you can watch.

Even walking required help from mom or dad to hold you up while you strengthened those legs and started practicing your balance to get started. And they kept picking you up, encouraging you to try again. So let’s get going!

This is the best way to get started in Affiliate Marketing.

the best way to get into affiliate marketing, best way to get started in affiliate marketing

Oh, by the way, did I mention the FREE training? Go here to find out more!

===> Start Wealthy Affiliate Here <===

Leave me a comment below.

What would you be comfortable making per month if you had your own internet business?


WPForms Review, Create-A-Form software

There you are, you have your website up and running and all of a sudden, you need a form.

Sometimes the form is the key to success.

It could be a form for collecting volunteer information or a form for website subscriber information, or any number of other forms for collecting data from visitors to your website.

Even if you’re familiar with website creation, sometimes you don’t have time to create a form from scratch. Introducing one of the best data collection form creation products on the internet.

Are you looking for a good create a form software plugin?

A product review of the WPForms App for WordPress might be what you’re looking for. Do you struggle to create forms to collect user information on your website? Most of us do.

Sure we know how to create a website like a dream, but when it comes down to creating a form for collecting user information and even offering a way to pay online, right from the website, it becomes tedious at best and downright difficult at the worst.

We’re talking about the WPForms WordPress Plugin. It’s a nifty little program that allows you to use existing templates for several applications, and also allows you to free-form your own creation.

It already has templates with different fields available to plug into a form you want to customize, such as name, phone number, as well as drop down menus for differently priced items and options.

This thing is really versatile, plus it’s reasonably priced. I use it on one of my charity websites to allow an applicant to fill out a request for assistance form right online, a rather long process, including a form for the applicant as well as a different form for the attending physician.

They don’t need to download and print and then fill out the form, they can just get online and fill out name, address, and all pertinent information.

Then there is a paragraph field they can literally write a book in explaining their need, and still be able to download to us.

They fill the form out, and then the doctor can fill the prescribing physicians section and submit all the information. WPForms is a great tool that any website builder can use.

create a form software

Courtesy BBC.Com

WPForms Review

Name: WPForms


Price: Pricing specials run from $39.50 for the first year to $299.50 for the first year.

Owners: The company is owned by WPForms, LLC.

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

WPForms Product Overview

WPForms is an online based drag and drop website data collection form creation software allowing the user to create professional looking data collection forms right in the back office of a WordPress site.

No need for extensive training on HTML, or any coding software, the plugin is so easy to use, a form can be created and posted on the website in as little as 10 minutes.

create a form software

Have a form up and running in as little as 10 minutes.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • Easy to use, has templates already existing for many of the top required form formats.
  • Forms are professional looking and fully customizable with subheadings, fields for name, address, and even drop down lists for your specific needs
  • Able to integrate with PayPal, Stripe and other payment software apps.
  • Easily integrate client contact software such as MailChimp, Aweber, and other email apps.

The Bad:

  • This plugin does have a problem with downloading periodic software updates in that several attempts are required when an update is available. Once the update is downloaded, updates are seamlessly integrated.
  • The plugin is reasonably priced for a revenue producing website, but price range is high for a charity or lower level income producing site.

Who is WPForms For?

This software plugin will be useful for the novice, especially with the introductory offers available, as well as the seasoned professional who needs to create data collection forms in a timely manner without worrying about whether the form will be compatible with WordPress, appearance, and functionality.

The plugin is a tried and true addition to 2+ million users across the internet.

WPForms Tools & Training

WPForms is a Drag And Drop application allowing minimal training with no needed extra tools to create and install professional data collection forms with ease.

WPForms Features & Addons

WPForms Support

Support issues are resolved fairly quickly, normally within a day or two.

WPForms Price

For the Basic Level, single website use, WPForms normally runs $79 per year, if the user signs up within a special window, it can be purchased for $39.50 for the first year. This level includes the Constant Contact email add-on, form templates, and unlimited use of the software on one site.

The Plus level includes everything the Basic level includes, plus access for 3 sites, the Aweber add-on, the GetResponse add on, and other options for $199 per year without the introductory offer.

create a form software

The skill you need without walking the tightrope.

The Pro Level is the first level the PayPal add-on is available with and if you are planning on taking payments with your WPForms collection form, this is the level you want to start out on. This level runs $399.00 per year without the introductory offer, $199.50 for the first year with the introductory offer, which is a good deal for the professional with several websites that regularly collect PayPal payments.

If you are interested in collecting payments through a WPForm, you can also collect payments for Stripe as well.  As you are creating the form, go to the payments tab and select the icon for Paypal or Stripe.  Other forms of payment are in the works!

My Final Opinion of WPForms

With a Five Star rating out of 4551 respondents, this is actually a great plugin for anyone who wants to integrate a data collection form into a WordPress website for a reasonably priced package. although the yearly price may be a turnoff for a non-revenue producing site.

WPForms at a Glance…

Name: WPForms


Price: Pricing specials run from $39.50 per year to $299.50 per year.

Owners: The company is owned by WPForms, LLC.

Overall Rank: 95 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT. Try it out for the introductory offer then go with it when it works for you!

create a form software

Try it here and get an introductory discount:


Leave me a comment below, tell me if you feel this is a reasonable price for your type of website.


How to Earn Money on the Internet, Minus the Scam.

How to earn money on the Internet.

how to earn money on the internet.

You really don’t have to throw yourself to the wolves to find a good training program.  We all know there are many scams out there, so many that no one can tell you all the ways to be scammed, most, but not all.  So the best way to avoid those scams is to find one that ISN’T a scam you can become involved in right off the bat!

How to earn money on the internet

Barely paying the bills? There’s a better way. How to earn money on the internet

As we go through the day to day life of getting up and getting ourselves ready and shuffling off to a 9 to 5 J.O.B., we wonder if that’s all there is. We’re going to work only to struggle and pay our measly bills while we’re making someone else rich.

I’m not saying being or becoming rich is bad, on the contrary, I’m just saying a lot of us are working to make someone else rich. So maybe it’s time to work and make ourselves rich.

Usher in the age of the internet.

This is the age where we literally have 4.5 billion people around the world at our fingertips.  The internet age has not only arrived, but we’re about to enter the third decade of this phenomenon. Compared to the 7 billion people on the planet, FEW of us have taken advantage of this brilliant opportunity.

Whether you live in Southeast Asia or the UK, you too could earn money internet style.  There are literally billions of products on the internet that are waiting for you to submit a review, help a purchaser decide which product is best and help them buy the right product for their specific need. Whether it’s a toaster or an all-wheel-drive 150 mile per hour beast of a sports car, if you can write a review you can be an affiliate marketer for it.

How to earn money on the internet

Write a review for this baby.

Why don’t more people take advantage of how to earn money on the internet?

That’s a good question. Could be they were scammed the first time they tried.  Could be they are so tired of working 9 to 5, they have no energy to spend 20 hours a week on something that will literally replace that 9 to 5 J.O.B., giving them that extra saved 20 hours to do what they please, with the cash to do it. Could be they have NO idea what income potential there is in this thing called affiliate marketing.

How to earn money on the internet

Imagine writing a hotel review on the beach outside the resort.

Could be they don’t know there are companies that would LOVE to have affiliate marketers sell their products online. Or it could be that they just don’t care that they are wasting their time all day at work when they could waste time all day golfing, or romping with the kids or even laying on the beach with their soulmate on some out of the way tropical island.

They don’t know that if that island has internet access they can conduct business right there every morning for a few hours and have the rest of the day to relax and think of other products to promote.

Some people just don’t get how to earn money on the internet.

They don’t get the fact that there is at least one company that will teach you to go from choosing a niche, to helping you create a website in 30 seconds.  30 seconds.  Ten years ago that took 4 to 5 weeks, I know because I created one back then. I got out the ole “HTML for Dummies” book and walked through it, chapter by chapter.

It was a nice website, it didn’t go anywhere because I didn’t buy the “SEO for Dummies” or the “Getting Your Website to Rake in Money for Dummies” book, either. So ten years later I finally got back to it and I am loving it. Without the “[INSERT SALES PITCH HERE] For Dummies” books. I found all kinds of reasons to earn money internet style.

I found the website who will teach me the shortcuts on how to earn money internet style.

And to tell the truth, I found it BEFORE I went thru the scams a lot of people have experienced.

This company has so much training on how to set up a WooCommerce site, how to create and leverage YouTube videos, how to choose products to promote, you could end up with a degree. The list goes on and on… and on.

It’s a website full of other affiliate marketers who not only are successful, but they want me to be successful. That in itself is refreshing.

Your boss doesn’t want you to be successful.

How to earn money on the internet

He’s where he wants to be, are you?

Ever have a job where the person next to you or your boss, wants you to be successful too? I didn’t think so. They are worried you will take their job. With good cause too, because if you do their job as good as they do or for less pay, SEE YA! The get-rich-on-your-efforts boss doesn’t want people better than them.

They want people they can order around and know you’ll do what they tell you to do. And if you show a little initiative, you’re out of there! They like to TELL you they want initiative, and you can say you HAVE the initiative on your resume, but they want sheep.

Affiliate Marketing does.

This affiliate marketing company is in no way like that. These guys write blogs every day that tackle some little problem they encountered along the way and let you know how they overcame it. They write blogs on BIG problems every day and solve them.

This community writes whole training classes on how to do this business, so when you get through all 120 odd classes the company has published, you’ll be able to go through ENDLESS training courses produced by your fellow affiliate marketers. And when you become an expert, you too can write blogs and training courses as well.

That’s how this community works.

Of ALL the pluses for this platform, the community is the biggest unsung hero of all. You have a question, ask it. You need a refresher on SEO, it’s there. You need to refine your niche, how to accomplish that is at your fingertips.

How to earn money on the internet

The community here is awesome.

Now, some things to remember.

  • Affiliate Marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. If someone is advertising that, they are trying to scam someone, don’t let it be you.
  • Affiliate Marketing takes some work. You can’t sit on the couch and read Facebook and expect it to work.
  • Affiliate Marketing CAN be a success for you without shelling out a ton of money. You can choose your niche, get started on the training and even get a website up and running for free.
  • After that, it takes very little investment to continue with all that training, get your OWN domain and really start working on replacing that J.O.B.

It really will happen for you!

One day you’ll realize you really do know how to earn money on the internet. You’ll wake up and realize all that time you spent going through the training, creating your website and making your own business really WAS worth every last minute of it!

Did I tell you about the 7 days free training?

Now you’re ready to learn how to earn money on the internet!

Click the button to get 7 days free training AND create a website in a mere 30 seconds.

How to earn money internet, earn money internet

Go here if you need more information on Wealthy Affiliate:

How to earn money internet, earn money internet

Leave us a comment below, what niche would you like to use in your affiliate marketing career?  We love hearing from you!


earn money internet

How and Where to Start Affiliate Marketing, Even if You’re a Novice.

You want to start affiliate marketing but you don’t know how to start or where to start.

Right here is a good place to find out.  Why? Because I found out through trial and error, HOW to start, and through research and observation, WHERE to start.  

Table of Contents

  1. HOW Do You Start.
  2. Creating Your Website.
  3. Choosing a Theme.
  4. The Keyword Phrase
  5. Affiliate Marketing Programs.
  6. WHERE Do You Start.

It doesn’t take a lot of money to start affiliate marketing.  So stay away from the hundreds-of-dollars make-big-money-by-tomorrow-at-6-AM overnight programs.  

They don’t teach you any more than the other sites and if by chance you don’t quite fit into the affiliate marketing scene, you won’t be out a chunk of change.

Affiliate marketing does take some effort, some time, and some patience.  You have to do the work, you have to do the training and you have to keep at it until you see the success.  

Once you see that success, you’ll know why people LOVE it.

HOW do you start affiliate marketing?

how and where to start affiliate marketing

You start affiliate marketing by first deciding what your niche will be (pronounced neeshe) .  Look around and see what is popular in your life.  Do you like music, animals, other people, hiking, biking, what is it that interests you?  Make yourself a list of all the things that appeal to you.  

Then start looking for the ones that stand out to you.  Maybe you’re an expert at something like being handy with tools, being able to craft useful items, or having a good understanding of fashion.  You’ll be immersing yourself into your niche, becoming the expert, so it should be something you are passionate about.

How not to choose a niche.  

A niche is not a section of the population such as a certain age group such as millennials or baby boomers.  Those are demographics for target markets.  A niche is not just one word, such as music, or animals.  Those are categories of target markets.

An animal niche might be flourescent, glow in the dark, dog collars and leashes, or cat houses and toys.  If your interest is music, ask yourself what type of music you like, do you play a particular instrument, or what is your favorite genre. So your niche needs to be small enough that you can eventually become the big fish in the small pond.  For more on niches, go here. Choosing a Niche For Your Website

Creating your website.

Then, once you have your niche, you can start working on creating your website.  You’ll be writing a lot of content about your subject, or blogging, as the term is used. In order to create that website, the best choice for bloggers is to find a webhost that offers WordPress.

How and where to start affiliate marketing

WordPress is a great content management system (CMS)  for creating and managing a website, especially a product information website.  Wordpress also offers about 38,000 plug-ins for finetuning your website to your exact niche and method of marketing.  

With the right training, you can learn how to create a WordPress website in as little as 30 seconds.  For more on creating the actual website, go here.  Creating a Website In 30 Seconds.

Choosing a Theme.

As you are creating your website you’ll want to look for a theme that fits your niche.  A theme is just the WordPress structure of the website you want to build.  There are plenty of free themes to choose from so don’t go overboard buying a theme when you will probably want to change it later anyway.  

A few of the basic free website themes that work well for all around niches are the Twenty Sixteen,Twenty Seventeen, and Twenty Nineteen, all created by the WordPress team..

Once you have your website up and running you can add content and some product reviews.  Product reviews are the backbone of the affiliate marketing business.  

People are looking for information on products so your job is to give them as much information as possible and to the best of your knowledge.  Then, if it’s an accurate review and they like the product, they will go ahead and purchase it.   And you’ll receive a reward for letting them know your opinion.

The keyword phrase.

Your post will need to focus on a keyword phrase in order to rank with the search engines.  In order to do that you’ll need a basic keyword finder tool.  There are plenty out there, some are offered along with the platform, others you might have to pay for. Think of the keyword phrase as the subject of your post.  That’s what you will be writing about.

How and where to start affiliate marketing

Your niche might be quality large breed dog food.  So your subject might be “best large breed puppy dog food” and do a review of the “Blue Buffalo Large Breed Puppy Dog Food.”  Incidentally, those are both great keyword subject phrases and you can go purchase Blue Buffalo here!   Blue Buffalo Large Breed Puppy Dog Food.

So you have your niche, you have your website, and you have some keyword appropriate content.  Next you’ll need to get enrolled in some of the affiliate marketing programs.

Affiliate marketing programs.

These come in all sizes, shapes, and configurations.  Once again, do not spend money joining an affiliate network.  They are paying you, not the other way around.

One of the biggest, not the be-all-end-all, is Amazon.  When you sign up you’ll be able to find products, get affiliate links, and then add them to your content using photos of the product or links in your content.  Once someone clicks on the link, they will be taken to the purchasing site in order to complete the purchase, such as the Blue Buffalo example above.  Your job is done.

WHERE do you start?

Being a novice you’ll want to start out inexpensively with as much training as possible and access to a website building host.  There are several good ones, there are a lot of them that charge a pretty chunk of change, so stay away from those.  The one I use in particular has worked well for me so I’ll cover it.

How and where to start affiliate marketing

The name of that site is Wealthy Affiliate.  They offer loads of training, website hosting with the WordPress system, and a keyword tool, all included there in the package.  They have a free level with training, so you can start out with some training, get your website running and find out of this is for you.

The training is great.

Like I said, you can join for free, and that basic training will get you all the way up to and through creating your website, on their hosting platform.  Then they offer unlimited free training and access to 1000’s of other successful entrepreneurs with the Premium level.  This way you can try it out, get the website up and running, and see how you like it.

Wealthy Affiliate is how and where to start affiliate marketing with FREE training.   

By the way, did I mention the big discount?  Read about it here!

You can start out creating blogs of some of the products you use in your everyday life pertaining to your niche.  Such as clothing for fashion or tools for collecting fossils.

My personal opinion?  It’s exciting, it works your brain, it’s like a video game in real life, and that is why I love it.

Leave us a comment!

What’s affiliate marketing and how does it work? A beginner’s guide.

So you’ve heard the term, now what is it, what is Affiliate Marketing and how does it work?

What's affiliate marketing and how does it work?
It’s just a great way of making an income online.

How did I come across the Affiliate Marketing business?

I was online a while back and happened to be inundated with a web ad that promised instant riches, no chance of failure, and ease of accomplishment making money on the internet. It was an ad for entry into the affiliate marketing industry by one of those expensive $2500 programs.

Being the commitment phobic I am, I decided I would research “affiliate marketing”, as that is a term I had not been subjected to before now.  Although starting a business online has been a possibility I’ve always wanted to pursue, for that price tag, this sounded like a scam.  Then I discovered a Wealthy Affiliate review that explained it all.  This is a brief rundown of what was revealed in my research.

Is this one of those internet Get-Rich-Quick schemes for instant riches?

What's affiliate marketing and how does it work?
Beware of the Get-Rich-Quick schemes, it doesn’t happen overnight.

First off, “instant riches” is a huge RED FLAG that denotes someone is about to lose money to a scam artist, usually the one taking the bait of the promise.  Don’t get me wrong, there is a miniscule percentage of the population who do make exorbitant amounts of money on the internet, but certainly not instantly, and you’d have a better chance playing the lottery.

Secondly, failure in any endeavor is always a possibility, there is never a guarantee of success, and it’s a good idea to be aware that the get-rich-quick scammers are getting rich quick off of anyone who’ll take the bait.

And thirdly, the affiliate marketing business is a legitimate business, just like any endeavor that requires some time and work to be successful at.

What does an Affiliate Marketer do?

Now, lest you say, this term is unfamiliar to me also, I’m too old to start something new, my bunions are aching, etc., etc., let me explain what an affiliate marketer does.  Simply put, an affiliate marketer is an individual or company who, through his/her own experience, finds a product they like, and introduces a customer to a seller for a product the affiliate marketer enjoys.

This Is Just Helping Someone Else!

What's affiliate marketing and how does it work?
People Helping People

This is just you telling Thelma across the street, that Charlie’s General Store has a great fidget spinner that Thelma might be able to use.  So Thelma goes to Charlie’s and buys one.  Charlie gets the sale, Thelma gets the new fidget spinner, and everyone is happy.

Except with affiliate marketing, it’s online, Thelma lives 800 miles away from you, and Charlie’s General Store is a website like Amazon, and Charlie gives you a little commission… you get paid!  Thelma doesn’t mind, that’s the best fidget spinner she’s ever had because YOU did the research for her.  She trusts you!

So what is Affiliate Marketing in a nutshell?

An affiliate marketer creates a website of their favorite subject, they find products or services related to that subject. They write reviews for those products or services and include an opportunity to visit an online retail store to purchase the product.

The customer reads the review and buys those products or services from the retailer. The retailer gets a profit from a sale they wouldn’t have otherwise gotten. The affiliate marketer receives a commission.

 Why is Affiliate Marketing one of the best online businesses?

It exercises your mind, you’re learning something new every day, once up and running, it allows you plenty of free time to exercise your body.  It isn’t physically demanding such as a lawn mowing business or a handyman service.  It’s the best way to create a business from a website!  And lastly, it allows you to….

Help Lots Of People!

In other words, with affiliate marketing, the person across the street could be anywhere on the planet, Charlie’s could be any one of 100s of 1000s of large and small companies with an affiliate program, the fidget spinner could be literally billions of products or services.  And Thelma could be 4 billion people using the internet today.

Do I need a degree in Marketing?

It does NOT take a college degree, It does NOT take an exorbitant amount of money, I DO enjoy interacting with the other affiliate marketers making money doing what I always knew was possible, I just hadn’t taken the time or the effort to start the journey.

I’ve now taken the time, made the effort, started the journey, and have come to the conclusion that I want to help other people who also want to know how to start a business from a website.

What if I really could create a business from a website online?

Through all this research, I discovered there are a number of companies who offer expensive training, some who offer training for a small price and a few who offer training for free.

I even found one that offers FREE training, and a chance to TESTDRIVE their program… for free! No credit card required to sign up.

What's affiliate marketing and how does it work?

Best of all, I found one who has successful, friendly, affiliate marketers who want to see ME succeed.  And some of those people are MY age, baby boomers who have accomplished this, who are working on accomplishing this, right alongside me.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Program Ever… WEALTHY AFFILIATE.

Wealthy Affiliate will HELP you figure out who you have a message for, and what your product category is (your niche).  They will help you figure out the best way to put your message out there, whether it be by blog, website, or a number of other methods.  They’ll teach you how to create a website in 30 seconds.  People helping people create a business from a website.

Tell me about this free training!

What's affiliate marketing and how does it work?

They offer a free starting level where you get access to free training, two free websites, and access to an extremely knowledgeable and friendly community.  They offer a very inexpensive (less than $50 a month at this writing) Premium level where you get MORE training than you can shake a stick at, and 25 websites!  With 25 websites you could start a website for every one of your aunts and uncles, maybe a cousin or two!

With the fundamentals of affiliate marketing you will learn:

  • Choosing your audience
  • Focusing on your niche audience’s needs
  • Choosing a domain name
  • Creating a website
  • How and Why to blog
  • Understanding and applying Search Engine Optimization (SEO) principles
  • Problem solving and much more

For more on free training, see FREE TRAINING

I sometimes have trouble with the online instruction, what if I need some extra assistance?

They offer assistance at every step of the way as well as a community of thousands of successful affiliates, from people who started a day before you on this journey, to people who have been successful for many years at it.

So I can get some of that free training with the Free Starter Level?

With the Free Starter level you can run through the initial first level of training, 10 classes, create your own website, check out the Wealthy Affiliate program, meet some people, get some opinions from them and make an informed decision about becoming an affiliate marketer.  All without spending a red cent.  How do I know?  That’s how THIS commitment phobic got started!

When you get that Free Starter site up and make some extra income, then you’ll want to keep right on going and sign up for the Premium level.  That’s like getting to test drive that new car for a whole week!

Tell me more about The Premium Level.

The next, last, and ONLY other level available is the Premium Level I wrote of earlier.  $49 a month ($359 if you sign up for Yearly membership) gets you 25 free websites from their domain,  and hosting for another 25 websites with domains YOU own.

It gets you MORE free training, and believe me, there is a LOT of training to be had here.  It gets you access to 800,000 other subscribers.  Plus, you get free webinars from Jay every Friday evening.  AND a direct line to the owners of the company, Kyle and Carson!!!

Best of all, there is no $2500 price tag, or $2000 upgrade or any of the scam stuff.

Come to think of it, my neighbor in real life tried the other guys’ program, literally a $4000 investment.  They’re still struggling to get it off the ground! Maybe they need the $2000 upgrade!  Or better yet, they needed WEALTHY AFFILIATE in the first place!

NOW, when you decide affiliate marketing is something you want to do, then WEALTHY AFFILIATE is the place to be.  As stated earlier, with the Premium level, you’ll get 25 websites, the community of fellow marketers, much more training, and a whole host of other perks.  Here are all the perks a Wealthy Affiliate member enjoys:

I personally signed up in June of 2017, I am still charging through all the training as I write this, this is where I recognized normal everyday ordinary people like you and I ARE making money on the internet.

What's affiliate marketing and how does it work?

Is Affiliate Marketing right for you?

To help you decide of affiliate marketing is right for you, ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I making the kind of income I’m comfortable making?
  • Do I feel I am working at the top of my potential?
  • Do I take all the vacations I want to take with my family?
  • Do I enjoy the the career I’m in enough that I can do this until I retire?

If you answered no to one or more of these questions, you’re ready to improve your lifestyle by starting on the path to creating the kind of income you DO want.

Through my review of Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll learn how affiliate marketing will take you where you need to be.  Wealthy Affiliate is where 800,000 other successful entrepreneurs are.  It’s certainly not a get rich quick scheme, it’s a tried and true method of creating a successful online business.

It takes some time, and effort, but it’s not difficult.  And it’s fun and enjoyable! You can sit on the couch with your feet up, but you’ll want to give up watching The Hallmark Channel if you expect to succeed at this.

You CAN, however, sit on the couch with your computer and make an income.  You DO NOT NEED any form of payment for the free level, unless you live in a handful of countries that the free level is not available in.

You’ll know you are ready when your gut and your mind are BOTH screaming at you that THIS IS IT!  LET’S GO DO THIS!

So what is holding you back?

The only thing holding you back is your courage!  If you want more information, read my other posts under the menu heading Extra Income, or just take that big step, get your feet wet and try it for free.

Try out the starter membership, it’s $0.  You can come back here to my site and yell at me if you don’t like it (seriously).  And did I mention it was free?

When you join, I WILL MAKE SURE TO GET IN TOUCH WITH YOU within the first hour. Please make me a promise!  That you will set-up your account.  It is a very simple process and you will be happy you joined Wealthy Affiliate.

Go here now to sign up for your free Wealthy Affiliate trial, no credit card needed!

If you have any comments or questions about any of this content, drop me a note below and I will be more than happy to discuss.

To your online success,


How to Earn an Extra Income With a Proven Method You Can Use.

Why HAVEN’T You Moved Out Of Mom’s Basement?

earn an extra income

Ever get tired of that Gap At The End Of The Month? What about HBA Syndrome? What would it take for you to earn an extra income?

Whatever you want to call it, it’s what’s holding you back. It’s time for you to prosper. Someone said the Good Book says money is the root of all evil. Or did it? I believe the LACK of money is the root of all evil. God says He helps those who help themselves. If you’re short on money, how can you help yourself, how can you help other people who need your help? All you do is worry about how to get it. And then evil thoughts start creeping in.

Is money really evil?

We mortals end up taking all this to heart and decide it’s evil to try to make extra money. Or we throw that out as an excuse to just not try. When I don’t care how hard you try, unless you’ve been CHOSEN to make Millions, it’s not going to happen.

earn an extra income

It’s like bodybuilding. So many people won’t even exercise because they don’t want to be an Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold worked his whole life, had an obsession, had doctors to help, and had the genetics to do it. People who don’t want to keep fit, don’t realize that.

It’s not because money is evil. Money isn’t evil, money is a means of exchanging what we produce for what our neighbor produces. Come to think of it, the lack of money isn’t evil either, the lack of money promotes a drive to get what we need, we can take the evil path and steal what we need, or we can put effort into it and benefit from His love and get a little help.

Take the honest path and let Him help you along.

I fully believe if you put your honest ALL into it, He will make sure you get what you need. In the meantime, we get plenty of lessons on how to be honest, plus when we get up off the couch and start working, we learn how He helps those who help themselves. Then we get to learn how absolutely exhilarating it feels to help other people. Especially in light of the fact He is helping you do it. Want to know what it feels like to know that He actually cares for you and has plans for you? Take the Path!

earn an extra income

Absolutely exhilarating.

I have no idea why or even if God chooses people to be ultra rich, I just know that down here on the other end of the scale, we sometimes need to earn an extra income. I know God uses us as He sees fit, whether we like it or not, whether we believe in him or not. I also know He’s not going to help us get what we need if we are sitting there on the couch watching reruns of The Andy Griffith Show. Although admittedly, there are a lot of good morals in that show that we somehow don’t get in the entertainment we have today.

Do you think He will help?

But we’re going to have to work at it, and He’ll be there right behind us helping us. Whether we know it or not. Whether we admit it or not. I am here to show you how to earn an extra income, I’m working on helping you make an extra income so I can help MYSELF earn an extra income.

So off my soapbox, (okay, it’s a coffee box) I have things to teach you. First off what’s our chariot, how do we get from here to there on this journey? It’s called affiliate marketing. It’s taking the time to write a post, explaining all about a product or service that could be beneficial to the reader. And there are lots of readers. Approximately 4 billion at last count.

earn an extra income

How does this work?

Let’s do a quick case study on a product called The Platinum Years. It’s a great training system to help people who are nearing retirement to understand what they want to do with their life after retirement. Now, I admit that a lot of you out there aren’t ready to retire, so bear with me, that’s just one niche you can work on.

Daily I hear of people who retire, then go home, they sit on the couch, they age years in a matter of months and they end up dying six months to a year after retiring, because they don’t know how to be retired They lost their will to live. So we have a product that is worth it’s mettle, it’s good for the community, and arguably it very well may save someone’s life.

So we’ll take that product and we’ll write a review for it. Then we’ll throw a few relevant keywords in it, put some pictures pertaining to the topic in there and publish it on the internet, We’ll promote it to people in that age range, the people who are ready to retire.

earn an extra income

When one of those people go to The Platinum Years website and purchase this training system, we’ll make a little money. They will have hopefully reaped a HUGE benefit from it, a happy retired lifestyle. We’ve helped ourselves by helping someone else help themselves. They know how to retire and still be productive and live a full life after retirement.

Is THAT what this is all about?

That’s what affiliate marketing is all about. There is a learning curve, for sure! God isn’t going to give us much unless we help ourselves! In our situation as well as the retirees! That also falls under the “Use It Or Lose It” category, I used my brain to write that post and figure out how to promote it.

What’s my next step?

The next step for you is to investigate this method of earning an extra income, because saying extra income is only a start, it really boils down to a good primary income. But you have to decide if you want to push it to that. How do you explore this?

earn an extra income

Find out all there is to know about this affiliate marketing business. 

Then read this post: Wealthy Affiliate Review. You can certainly check out SEVERAL companies for hosting your website. It’s guaranteed you will not find another website with more training, more options and more support than this one. Bar NONE.  THIS is how you earn an extra income!

Cheers, have a wonderful week!


P.S. Leave me a comment or a blessing, I’ll take either!


Creating a Self Sufficient Life: 10 Important Questions Answered!

Are you living from paycheck to the End Of The Month Gap?

What is self-sufficiency?

want a self sufficient life live it, self sufficient life live it

Is it taking care of you and your family? Not using a credit card to buy groceries? How about overall financial well-being?

Self-sufficiency is you being able to pay all the bills, then getting to enjoy the extra money to pay off the credit cards or tuition debt. You get to have enough time and money left over to golf, ski, fish and do all the other stuff we all want to do.

Like take the family out for dinner, or buy Christmas presents. How many hobbies do you have that are just sitting there calling your name but you can’t afford it or you have to spend so much time at that job, you don’t have time for recreation. You know a lot of us have gone out on a limb, went to four years of college and studied all sorts of great careers!

want a self sufficient life live it, self sufficient life live it

Did you take the College Route?

Then we got out, got involved in the industry of our choice and bang, we are still struggling just to make the payment on the college debt. The cost for a full year of college has gone up $7000 in the last 10 years. From $27,000 to $34,000! More people entering college, inflation, and college rates all three going up and voila, college is approaching the out of sight range for a lot of people. One of the two of us still has a $60,000 tuition debt, after 15 years in the chosen field!

I got to the point where I knew we were living on a dead end road that was going to get narrower and narrower until that little yellow sign would pop up in the distance saying our bumpy little road had run out.  And we’d be officially NOT self-sufficient.

Are you working a second job just to make ends meet?

There are SO many people having to take a second job to make ends meet. And that second job only makes your employer rich, not you. It’s unfathomable how many people who didn’t go to college are simply just not making it.

No longer can people expect to keep their nose clean, find a good factory job and work their life away, taking care of themselves and their family. A sort of self-sacrifice that 30 years ago, we could all make in order to raise a family.want a self sufficient life live it, self sufficient life live it

My mother was proud of the fact she only had an 8th-grade education. She held quite a few average paying jobs over her lifetime. There were plenty to be had.  My father held fewer and higher paying jobs, he was the breadwinner, but he only had a high school education.  They both worked, they took care of us. We ate like there was no tomorrow!  We did a lot of camping and fishing, we even owned a boat for a while.

Why the increased need for a college education today?

Nowadays, everyone needs to be “college ready” when they get out of high school. Spoiler alert!  Not everyone can or will go to college!   There are electricians and plumbers and auto mechanics needed. Oh, no, those kinds of jobs were for our parents, we can’t do that! They got their hands dirty!

But now college is ultra expensive. There is a LOT of incongruency going on there. Go ahead, feel free to vent at the bottom of the post about the economy and the need for something to give. How big IS that gap at the end of your month?want a self sufficient life live it, self sufficient life live it

ENOUGH with the negative, let’s move to the self-sufficient part of it!

Let’s take a look at how we can become self-sufficient again. There is a big computer-based society happening right now, been going on for a while, actually.  It includes social media, people doing stuff interactively with fellow computer users from around the world, and people actually purchasing items on the computer and having it sent to their homes. It’s called the INTERNET!want a self sufficient life live it, self sufficient life live it

It’s fun and exciting and has a million different aspects that are all fairly easy to learn about and tap into for the average person. There are chat rooms and social media, there are game rooms and all sorts of entertainment, there are untold different subjects that can be researched and get absorbed into. Maybe you have a hobby you are interested in that you just can’t get enough of. Knitting, golfing, skiing, classic cars, crafting, painting, losing weight, gaining weight, space exploration, fishing, or just chatting with people.

How many subjects are there?

There are literally millions of subjects you can research out and discover more about. And there is one subject, in particular, all these other subjects have in common.

You can make money on the internet with them. You can EARN AN INCOME! You can become more than just self-sufficient with them. And the more you immerse yourself in your particular niche, the better you become at making money.  The more you immerse yourself in your PASSION, the more money you can make!

Wait, I can have fun with my passion and make money with it?

What is it?

I’m talking about affiliate marketing. You learn how to create a website for your favorite subject, learn how to monetize it, and then the more you know about your subject, the more of an expert you become, the more income you make. And the more you learn about affiliate marketing, the easier it all becomes!

Can I do this without working at it?want a self sufficient life live it, self sufficient life live it

It depends on what you mean by “working at it”.  Do you work at getting the boat out and going fishing on the weekend?  If that is work, then this is probably going to be work, too.  If you enjoy going fishing, and you enjoy learning new things, then no, this isn’t work.  You’re going to throw out a little hook with some bait on it, then wait to see what nibbles!

Can you go to bed tonight and wake up rich tomorrow morning?  No, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. In fact, the only get-rich-quick schemes on the internet are get-rich-quick SCAMS, but I left that subject for another post!

What you put in, determines what you’ll take out.

How do you get to be self-sufficient with this affiliate marketing business?  By making it YOUR business!  By getting in there and enjoying learning a new way to make money, on the internet.  And all that time you put in is fun and exciting because our minds love to explore new territory.

How will I learn to do this?

You’ll get some free training sitting right there at your computer!

You’ll be learning how to create the website. Then you’ll learn how to write good content, how to choose good keywords for your little niche, and how to monetize the whole operation. And you’ll get to learn how to structure your website in order to make an income. I left out a word there. I left out GOOD, a good income. When you get good at it, it’ll be a GREAT income, forget the “good”! And yes, it’ll take you a little effort to get the boat into the water, but think of the fish you’ll catch!

want a self sufficient life live it, self sufficient life live it

You’ll have the hosting site to help you along.

Your hosting site will host that website, the best one you choose will allow more than one website. You’ll even have access to a program to help you choose those keywords you’ll be writing about, a keyword research tool. That means you’ll have website backup, and you’ll have website support 24/7/365 days a year.

Let’s get this straight. You don’t have to accost all your friends?

All you have to do is LEARN how to build an acceptable website. And then let it grow.

How long will this take me?want a self sufficient life live it, self sufficient life live it

Creating a website can take less than 30 seconds! To get it fine-tuned and making money can take as little as a month! I’m a little on the stubborn side and don’t like to follow the lessons so it took me a little longer! But I had fun while working on it because I love learning how to do new things, plus I knew EVENTUALLY I would get it right. And it was on my OWN TIME! No one else’s.

So the big question is, how can I earn an extra income?  I want a self-sufficient life!

Are you ready to start something new and fun? Are you ready to move toward self-sufficiency? Are you ready to start something that will take you to a full-time income on part-time hours? Are YOU ready to CLOSE THAT End Of The Month GAP?

What is my next step?

want a self sufficient life live it, self sufficient life live it

Read about Wealthy Affiliate here. This website will give you absolutely everything you need except for two things.  The TIME. And the EFFORT.

want a self sufficient life live it, self sufficient life live it

Are you ready to live a self sufficient life?

==> Go here NOW to learn my Secret Success Formula <==

Leave me a comment, and answer these three questions.  

How much money would it take for YOU to make ends meet? How much would you be COMFORTABLE making? And lastly, are you willing to make the effort?


Do you want to help yourself? How to Earn an Income From Home Online.

Has that End of the Month Gap gotten you down?

You need to know how to earn an income from home online!

how to earn an income from home online

Does that substantial amount of cash you bring in every month run out about the 20th?

That gap between those ends just keeps GROWING for everyone!

Do you want to know how to earn an income from home ONLINE?  Then you’ve come to the right place.  You do not need a degree in business or computers.  This opportunity will allow you to learn how to create a website, get that website up and running, and make an income online.  

how to earn an income from home online

An online business doesn’t require a lot of tools.

I look around and see a lot of my friends who are having trouble in this economy, who have the capability to excel, but don’t have the income they need. This is why affiliate marketing culd help you maintain financial independence and well-being. If you want to know how to earn an income from home online and help yourself, you’ve come to the right place!

how to earn an income from home online

Beware of get-rich-quick schemes.

Now right off the bat, I researched internet marketing, affiliate marketing, how to make money on the net, and even internet extra income. And found a lot of get-rich-quick scams (notice I said scams, not schemes), a lot of companies who host affiliate marketers, a lot of good reviews, bad reviews, and definitions that were so far off the mark of what “affiliate marketing” is that I questioned whether I’d lost my own mind or the definer (is that a word?) was from another planet or just off their rocker.

how to earn an income from home online

Anyone can start their own online business.

And here I am doing real live, down to earth, affiliate marketing. From home.  I know I’m not going to get rich quick, and this isn’t exactly a cake walk, I AM putting some effort into it, but I put more physical effort into mowing the lawn (which by the way I enjoy doing) than doing affiliate marketing. This is how you’ll STAY self-sufficient.

We can try this out for FREE!  We ALL want to be and stay independent, okay, sure we’ll hire a housekeeper one of these days, and we’ll contract someone out to mow the lawn, but only when we’re ready, and not because we have to. And just like it has for me, affiliate marketing will allow YOU to make the decisions you want to make, not the ones you have to make due to necessity or not having any other choice.  This is without a doubt, the easiest way to start a business online.  It doesn’t take a lot of money to learn how to earn an income from home online.  It DOES, however, take work.  There is no such thing as a get rich quick option.

You’ve read a few of my posts on affiliate marketing, and a few people wanted to know more about what it is. Affiliate marketing is the process by which people research products and services, using the affiliate marketer’s posts, blogs, and web pages, and in the process are offered access to those products or services. There are three basic players in this process. The customer, the supplier, and the publisher.

Who will be my customer?

how to earn an income from home online

The customers are your neighbors as well as people around the world.

These are the people who need a product or service. There are approximately 4 billion consumers on the internet and all of them are potential customers. These 4 billion people are looking for literally billions of products from millions of websites. They are looking for the best product to fit their needs.

Whether it be a car, or a box of soap, the future of online purchasing is here now, and us baby boomers have only just begun to tap this resource. And yes, you can go to the Ford, Chevrolet, or [INSERT FAVORITE AUTOMAKER HERE] whatever car manufacturer’s website and buy a car on the internet.

Where will I get my products?

how to earn an income from home online

The supplier can be any company with an affiliate program.

These are the companies who have the products customers need. Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, are a few that immediately come to mind, but there are literally millions of companies offering every product or service the mind can conceive of.  

Amazon alone offers 389 million products in the U.S. alone. And Amazon is just one of the biggest, there are also a million little mom-and-pop shops (say that really fast three times) who sell flowers, and candy, and popcorn, etc, ad infinitum.

And they all offer products to consumers. They may have a little advertising gig going, which may bring in some customers, but if they are smart, they’ll have a program to allow bloggers or advertisers to assist them in bringing in customers.

You mean I am the publisher?

These are the affiliate marketers, the people who write the reviews and the blogs. The people who direct those 3.5 billion people to the millions of products and service providers. These are the people who give information to the customer on which gadget to buy from Amazon, or who sends the buyer to Best Buy for a better price. They own their own website, a little independent business enterprise that they run themselves and review the products that mean the most to them.

how to earn an income from home online

You don’t have to be a computer genius!

The successful ones write like they’re talking to their neighbor, they write reviews for the things they KNOW about.  They don’t publish a review on an expensive perfume sold in a foreign country two oceans over.  They write a review for what they are familiar with, a book, a favorite way they’ve found to lose weight. And they direct traffic to the places the consumer can purchase the item.

They direct (last estimate) 40% of Amazon’s customers to Amazon, for Amazon. Amazon pays them for that service. Walmart pays them for that service, Home Depot, Best Buy, etc., ad infinitum, pays them for that service.  These people take care of themselves because if you treat it like a business, it’ll treat you like a business owner! Many companies do not have the resources to reach all of their potential customers, and there is where affiliate marketing comes in.

How does this work, in a nutshell?

The customer goes to the internet to find out what the best microwave for their use is. They find a website that reveals dimensions on several microwaves, they find prices easily, but where do they go to find a review for that microwave. An affiliate marketer who is connected to Amazon’s affiliate program happens to have a review. The customer likes the review, so in the review on the affiliate marketers website, there is a link right there to Amazon’s microwave.

Amazon gets a sale that Amazon probably would not have gotten. The customer gets a microwave that fits the customer’s needs. The Affiliate Marketer gets a commission for writing and publishing a review.

Can I control my own destiny with this?  

how to earn an income from home online

Do you really want to become a Wal-Mart greeter?

You don’t have to get up, put on a happy face, put on your blue vest and greet customers at Walmart. You can sit there in your old holey (not holy) pajamas and hone your website to a sharp edge. You write about the things you love, whatever your little niche may be. The problem isn’t choosing a niche big enough, the problem is choosing one SMALL enough so YOU are the big fish in the pond.

Because there are literally billions of customers out there.  At this age, you don’t need someone to tell you that the Men’s Bathroom had an overflow and you need to go clean it up. Your job is to choose which gym you’d like to join, or which golf course you’re playing this afternoon.

how to earn an income from home online

Retirement should be about relaxing.

Your job is to take your time, write a quick review of the new blender you bought, look at your PayPal account and realize you just made enough from your website to pay the house payment… for NEXT month. You can do this!

You mean I can be and stay independent?

Here is a list of the advertisers you will see on the pages of my website, hence my LOVE of affiliate marketing. I list these, not for trying to sell you something, but to show you some advertisers I signed up with early in this process for me:

  •      Amazon
  •      Google Adsense
  •      CJ Affiliate, (Formerly Commission Junction)
  •      Sellhealth Supplements for Men and Women
  •     The Platinum Years motivational program for baby boomers
  •      Smarthome smartphone accessories
  •      Wealthy Affiliate, affiliate marketers hosting and training.

Notice these are NOT links to other websites, these are examples of the advertisers I use on this website. Now, one last question…

Up at the top of this website, is a pulldown menu.  One of these options is PROSPERITY.  When you are ready for more information, go there and read ALL of the posts under that heading.  You’ll be glad you did.

how to earn an income from home online

What have you got to lose? That END of the MONTH GAP!

You can write your own paycheck.

Follow this link for my review of Wealthy Affiliate.

As always, if you have any questions, we love hearing from you, ask below!

Also please leave us a comment!

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The Best Baby Boomer Extra Income Opportunity.

Are you stumped for ways to make a little extra income?

Baby boomers have heard the story that every oak tree starts out as an acorn.  Let me add a caveat that not every acorn ends up being an oak tree!  And if the acorn doesn’t make it as an oak tree, it doesn’t have a choice of being a daisy.

Ideas in some ways are like oak trees.  You have to plant the acorn and it has to have the right amount of water, sunlight, and fertilizer, in the proper amount needed by the acorn.  It has to be nurtured to become an oak tree, and of course here comes an oak borer or oak weevil, (Is there such a thing?) and you get the picture!  Ideas seldom become reality.  But all good things in life started out as an idea!

What happens if I find out I’m short on retirement savings?

Financial well being is also something that takes planting and nurturing, and a few of us baby boomers have planted early, nurtured correctly and have a nice oak tree to live on when we retire.  But some of us forgot to plant, others planted and had a drought, some of us planted, carried water over great distances only to have an oak weevil eat all the leaves off.

But, however dire the future seems, all is not lost until the Grim Reaper knocks on our door.  And that he does to everyone, eventually, whether you have that oak tree in full leaf or not.  So unless you see him walking up the sidewalk, you’re not out for the count!

Some of us have skills we can use later in life, if you owned a business, you could be a business consultant.  Some of us are still fairly physically fit, we could start a little lawn business or handyman business.   We could solicit our friends and relatives for odd jobs, or babysitting our grandkids.

baby boomer business opportunities

Start a mowing business

For those of us who don’t want to commit to a physically demanding job, or don’t have the business saavy other folks do, there are still options other than WalMart Greeter!  Maybe it’s not going to grow into an OAK TREE, but that doesn’t mean we can’t plant some seeds.

What if you could plant some seeds now that could grow into a garden?

What if that garden might not be an oak tree but could certainly become big enough to relieve some of the financial pressure a LOT of us baby boomers feel on a daily basis.

baby boomer business opportunities

Grow produce for farmer’s markets

What if you do have enough income to eat and keep a roof over your head, but taking the grandkids to lunch isn’t going to happen.  Maybe you could plant a few seeds now, have a little fun nurturing them, feel good about learning something new, and come out in 3-6 months with a little extra income?

Without shelling out a wheelbarrow full of money to buy little packets of seed!  You could plant one, water it, walk away, tomorrow plant another, pretty soon you have your garden and then voila, you have fruit and vegetables.  That could work for me.  There may be a solution for this dilemma you’ve found yourself in!

I kept my nose to the grindstone and life threw me some curves.

Now, we baby boomers were brought up with the understanding that if you worked hard, you kept your nose to the grindstone, all would be taken care of.  One thing we weren’t taught was something the later generations grew up with… How to make money on the internet.  Our generation pioneered the creation of the internet.  This allowed the next generations to thrive in the environments we pioneered for them.  But just like any technological development , most people weren’t able or willing to follow, or didn’t have access to resources.  They stayed on the sidelines and didn’t venture out much into the brave new worlds that were opening up..

Nowadays, unfathomable amounts of money, goods, and services are exchanged in this new medium and we, the baby boomers, don’t even realize it.  Furthermore, we’re not a part of it so we aren’t partaking of this exchange of money, goods, and services.  Baby boomers can still have a part of this, we just need to learn a new way of doing business.

How does this work?

baby boomer extra income

Retirement income for baby boomers

Just like our Walmart Greeter who doesn’t have any merchandise for sale, we don’t have to invest heavily into stock to sell.  All we have to do is introduce our customer to the right store or the right department of the store.

It goes like this: “Here, take this cart, enter into this huge area that contains almost anything and everything you might need!”  That’s all we have to do, is introduce them to what they need or want.  In order to do that, we’ll need a few items.

We’ll need a niche, a website and a product.   A niche is our potential customer base, the website is our store, and the product is of course what we will market.

Shown here is an example of the top rated bathroom scale sold by Amazon.

The niche should be a favorite hobby or interest, something you know more about than the normal Joe or Edna on the street.  Something you are passionate about.  And it’s easy to pick too big of a niche, such as weight loss, or automobiles.

You want to whittle that niche down to a small enough audience that you can make it to the top of your chosen customer base.  Weight loss for baby boomers!  Or weight loss after having a baby.  The smaller the crowd the better chance you have of becoming an expert.

Website builder training is available from a number of webhosts, some of the better ones are Wealthy Affiliate, followed by Clickbank.  You can start out with WordPress which is great for blogging.  If you really want to get your feet wet you can attempt a website selling your own merchandise using something like Shopify or WooCommerce.

Finally, you need a product.  Probably starting out with one or a few products is best, as you want to be able to concentrate all of your skills and abilities on one product at first.  If your niche happens to be weight loss for baby boomers, maybe you want to market a scale with large numbers.  Or maybe a weight loss program that distributes natural foods.  A few of the better sites are CJ Affiliates and Amazon for products.

Whatever your niche is,  whatever type of website and product, if you are having trouble with motivation, try starting out by reading a good self help, motivational book.  

It’s time to get motivated, get interested and check this new business opportunity out!  

Go here to read my post about Wealthy Affiliate, a great website for learning the affiliate marketing business!

As always, if you have any questions, we love hearing from you, ask below!

Also please leave us a comment!  

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When It Rains, It Pours.

Are you looking for a direction along the Path to Prosperity?  Pray for rain!

the path to prosperity

Where does that expression come from?

That expression is not only the slogan of a product we’ve all used most of our lives, Morton Salt, but also the subject of a hit country western song by Luke Combs. In everyday speech, it’s usually invoked when something isn’t going right for someone, signifying a streak of bad luck for them.

the path to prosperity

The Morton Salt slogan let’s us know their version of sodium chloride will keep flowing out of the container even though the precipitation would normally cause damp salt to stick together. While listening to Luke Combs version of the issue, it becomes apparent that it’s a streak of GOOD luck for Luke! And that is what this post is all about.

When good things happen, just wait, look for other good things to happen. With Luke, his presumed fiance kicks him out, initiating a whole string of other good things happening to him, winning some money from a lottery ticket, winning a trip on the radio, and not having to see his ex-future mother-in-law again.

Man, when it rains it pours.

Apparently, a downpour in his part of the country is a good thing! Which, come to think of it, is a good thing in my part of the country also!

the path to prosperity

I look back and have come to realize that in the last few months, It’s been showering in my part of the country as well. Mid-July of this year I was online watching YouTube videos when a get-rich-quick scheme popped up, and I was introduced to affiliate marketing, which is, by the way, not a get-rich-quick scheme at all. After researching that term, I decided affiliate marketing really was a valid source of income if one does due diligence.

That’s when the clouds started gathering. I spent a couple of weeks researching affiliate marketing and finally decided for myself what the best way to get involved in it was. I got involved in a reputable website hosting and training company, Wealthy Affiliate.

That’s when the raindrops started falling!

I had found something I was passionate about. I started waking up early in the morning with this affiliate marketing thing on my mind, I went through the process of choosing a niche I was interested in.  I started spending my evenings working on my website.

the path to prosperity

I found myself looking at everything through my newfound affiliate marketer’s glasses on. And the rain turned into a downpour. Because in the early part of August, the organization I’ve been employed with for the last 8 years decided it was time for me to retire 3 years before I was ready to retire.

I had been the go-to guy when management was leaning on different individuals, I’d come in, explain that you get more honey with flowers instead of vinegar or something of the sort, although I was a little adamant when it came to protecting my fellow workers.  I was known as the pit bull when it came to protecting the workers.  And management had enough!

And the rain turned into a deluge. Then my affiliate marketing plan started picking up steam.  And the push for me to retire early became even stronger. As soon as I decided to take the opportunity to retire, the weight I had been carrying around for 6 of the last 8 years was suddenly lifted and I knew where my direction was. I knew to let the rain pour was going to lead me to the next chapter of my life.

the path to prosperity

All of a sudden that deluge flooding was deep enough I was walking a foot off the ground. I was floating through the day enjoying the rain, anxious to get back to my computer to work on my newfound love every night. As the days went by, the rain would come down a little harder and I knew my path had been set and the feeling of ecstasy and excitement for my future was strong.

That rain was pouring and I loved it.

I realized I’d been having a long dry spell and the situation I found myself in, was bringing some much-needed fresh rain. I knew change comes whether you like it or not, and change is neither bad nor good, what you do about it is what’s bad or good, and being proactive about it will allow you to be ahead of the change. Finally, I had a direction in my life that made me anxious to follow, and sure the speed bumps were there, the potholes were there, but if you’re in control of your situation, you can steer around them.

the path to prosperity

As the rain was pouring down, I held the idea of my newfound interest in my sites. I began to realize the dreams I had in long past years was all of a sudden shining in my mind. As the rain was pouring down, ideas kept pouring into my head along with the rain, ideas of videos on my website, ideas of different niches, and keywords. And then in October, the rain poured even harder as THIS time the people in charge called me into a meeting, only to inform me that I needed to get along better with people.  Nothing else, no apologies for the false accusations, nothing.

And that rain came down in buckets. Then is when I threw one of those buckets of rainwater!  Thanks to the belief I had been given in my newfound passion, I had one just waiting there ready to throw. I informed the powers that be that I was retiring. I could tell as they caught their breath, they didn’t expect that splash in the face. And the rain suddenly turned into a light mist. the path to prosperity

God gave me a little tap on the shoulder.

This is when, all of a sudden, God decided I needed some reassurance.  As I was leaving the meeting, none other than my best friend, you know, the one with the extremely religious attitude, pulled up behind me at a stop light.  Wait, he was in his delivery truck alright, but I didn’t know this was part of his route.

I’d never in 6 years seen him on his route.  I pulled into a parking lot as he had no idea I was in front of him.  He followed me in, that was his next delivery.  He was probably mumbling under his breath that someone had taken his delivery spot when I got out of my van, ran back, gave him a handshake and shoulder bump, got in my van and drove off.

I knew without a shadow of a doubt God had pointed me in the right direction. I knew, no matter what the future brought, this rain was for me. I was committed to taking this newfound passion to the level I needed, and to coin another phrase, come hell or high water, this would be the next level in my life. When it rains it pours and sometimes that rain is the best thing going.

the path to prosperity

Sometimes along the path to prosperity, we need a little rain!

When the crops are dry and the ground is parched and there isn’t much hope for a reprieve, those rain clouds may carry unexpected options! So number one, keep your eyes open, keep your umbrella close and ready, because that rain may be for you and if you aren’t ready, it could start pouring, as rain does, you may miss your chance to take the flood and turn it into a positive experience. Remember, when it rains, it pours!

Now, if you are at a point in your life where you need a little downpour, maybe this is it. Maybe you need to take a free week with Wealthy Affiliate, and go through the free training, see if affiliate marketing is for you! If you find out it isn’t for you, great, you haven’t lost a red cent!

The Path to Prosperity 

If you find it’s for you, continue with it!  And if you find it REALLY IS for you, but you’re having a hard time figuring out how to accomplish it, you have a whole community of people who would LOVE to help you do what YOU want to do. Experts in the field who are easy to approach and are more than willing to show you how to do whatever you need! Now is the time, take the leap, hold your breath, and go for it!

the path to prosperity

Ready to start that journey? Go here now and find out what it’s all about!

What has happened in your life that turned out to be a “When It Rains, It Pours” situation? Let us know below!

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What if you were forced into early retirement now?

Are you looking for job opportunities for senior citizens?

Do you work for an employer?  Are you dependent on someone else for a paycheck?  Are you looking for home based business opportunities for seniors to insure a future income?  What if you had income opportunities online?

Let me tell you the story of someone very close to me. He found himself in just this situation recently. He is a Heating and Air Conditioning tech for a local school district and loves the effect he has on his “customers”. They are uncomfortable, he shows up, adjusts the temperature up or down and voila, happy customers!

This particular individual is also one of the union stewards for the district union and once again, a fellow worker feels pressured or uncomfortable over a situation and our friend shows up, and tada, understanding arrives, support is there, and someone on their side is ready to fight for them.

A few days ago a supervisor got a little overzealous, made some accusations, and all of a sudden, our friend was being unjustly investigated for an “alleged” situation. We’re still waiting for the outcome, and I’m sure there will be a sigh of relief when a resolution is reached, but this is just an example of how, when you’re working for someone else, your financial well-being and retirement can be threatened in a heartbeat.

The example is about one reason for forced early retirement. Another close friend just had massive open-heart surgery. And yet another friend had a gall bladder removed which ended up infecting his liver and pancreas. All of my friends will survive, But this is a great time to think of what would happen if we lost our income before retirement.

What would you do if you suddenly found yourself over 55, laid off, and limited unemployment in front of you? Our friend’s wife assured him they would survive and started naming off ways to cut expenses. But what older people find out quickly is that the job market is severely limited for older workers. In many companies, insurance rates for the employer rise as the average age of the employees rise, Paid time off is higher due to recurring health issues, Older bodies aren’t as lithe and supple as younger ones so range of motion could limit physical work. The elderly mind doesn’t always remember or respond as quickly as a younger mind.  And the older worker may have more experience, but that means the potential for higher starting wage.

But there is a solution. There is a way we can be self-employed. We can move into the future with a way to make money on the internet. We don’t need to manufacture something, all we need to do is direct a customer to a website the customer might not have been aware of in the first place. It’s called affiliate marketing. There are literally hundreds of thousands of affiliate marketing programs, and literally billions of products available to promote in those programs.

Now, can YOU learn how to create a website?

Can you learn how to create a marketing post? The answer is YES! All you need is a good web host. Once again, there are thousands of web hosts and training programs. My advice is to find one that doesn’t charge you an arm and a leg. One with lots of training, one with other affiliate marketers who are successful themselves and MORE than happy to help you.  All you have to do is ask.

How about one with two free websites and 25 websites if you join the premium program, which is less than $50 a month. 50 websites if you include the ones you own the domain name with. There is one in particular that fits the bill. Wealthy Affiliate. You can get two free websites with training on how to set up your website. They teach you how to choose a niche. What is a niche? Your little corner of the market. Your favorite sport, your favorite hobby, even your lifestyle. Whatever you love to do, or own.

And you don’t need millions of customers, you only need enough to support the income you want. Keywords help those customers find you. If you like to fish, maybe your niche is fishing for trout. You might want to use a keyword such as “trout fishing in Colorado”. Throw a couple of your good trout pictures on your post, and you have a good website. Then you sign up for Cabela’s affiliate program, all of a sudden, you’re marketing Eagle Claw fishing rods and you’re an AFFILIATE MARKETER!

How would you feel if you had financial security?

And YOU were in control of it. Would you go ahead NOW and retire? What if you were in control of when you wanted to work, if you didn’t feel well that morning, roll over and take a few more winks. What if your friends want to go golfing at 11:00AM. Go for it! Each day you get to choose what you want to work on and when. Have a couple of websites and double your income. Or do a post on fishing the Grand Canyon and promote a guide company. The possibilities are endless. And it’s all available to you now.  This is a great way to have extra income after retirement.

Sure it’ll take a little work to get it done, but how will you feel when you make your first dollar, or pound, or lira. If you can make one, you can make two, you can make a THOUSAND. The good thing is, once you learn how to do it, you’re off and running, no one can take it from you. No one can file a trumped-up allegation and take it. Once you get it off the ground, you keep learning! And it isn’t physical. It’s not too taxing on the brain! And the more you learn, the more you are in control of your destiny.

Now, go here if you want to take a little tour of Wealthy Affiliate. Not quite sure you can log in to Wealthy Affiliate, read more. Wealthy Affiliate offers some free training, a couple of free websites and several other benefits, so click on over and check it out. It’s FREE, what do you have to lose?  Need more information, read how to help yourself.  Then, if you like what you’re doing, sign up for the Premium account. Then you get LOADS of training, support from thousands of individuals, 25 free websites of Wealthy Affiliate’s domain, hosting for 25 of YOUR user owned domain websites. And a community…

Learn how to build your own website NOW and become your own boss with this free to join website. Don’t wait!

Go here to read about Wealthy Affiliate, a great website for learning the affiliate marketing business!

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Is Affiliate Marketing a Scam? 5 Facts about Affiliate Marketing.

Are you afraid of being taken for a fool or worse yet being scammed out of money?

Is an affiliate marketing a scam

What exactly is affiliate marketing, and is it a scam?

So you’ve heard enough about affiliate marketing to be interested in checking it out.

Let’s do a little exploring together.  To determine if affiliate marketing is a scam, one must first define the term affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a means by which a company can get new customers by allowing a middleman, an affiliate marketer, to explain for themselves what the product represents to them.

Basically, anyone who owns a billboard, or any other form of advertising media, who promotes another company’s product, is an affiliate marketer.

The company gets honest advertising, spending less time than what the company would spend on an actual ad campaign, and possibly a reduced rate for the advertising.

The customer gets an opportunity to learn from a source that quite possibly has used the product, or at the minimum has done in-depth research on the product.

This gives the customer an honest recommendation on the quality and specifications of the product, and is offered a place to acquire the product. The affiliate marketer, the middleman, gets a small commission for writing a review, and recommending a place to purchase the product.

This is good for the customer because they don’t have to pay for this service.  Plus they can compare several different brands of a product to determine which would best fit their needs.

What kind of products do affiliate marketers promote?

The product can be absolutely anything you can think of, there are literally billions of products out there. It can also be a service, such as personal trainer, handyman, electrician, beautician, the list goes on and on.

The product can be coffee makers and coffee, outdoor gear, tents, boots, hats. food slicers, It can be baby clothes and adult clothes, dog food and cat food… You get the picture. Like I said, BILLIONS of products and services.

Which companies can I sign up with?.

These are companies large and small, like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and hundreds of thousands of other companies. Vitamin companies, book companies, clothing companies, companies that cater weddings, Bat Mitzvahs, and Quinceaneras.

It can be your local hardware store or your international sporting goods store. Companies that have affiliate marketing programs range from Amazon, to Walmart, to Best Buy.

How do you tell if these companies have affiliate marketing programs? Go to their websites! Go to the Amazon website and look in the footer menu, second menu from the bottom, second column over, right there it says, “Become An Affiliate”. You get the idea! Hundreds of thousands of companies.

Who are my customers?

Who are these elusive buyers who do a little research when they need that coffee pot?   These are the people who want a good product for their specific needs and don’t know if the big expensive one is too much for their needs, or maybe the smaller one will fit better under the cabinet.

These are the people who are conscientious about what they are buying, these are the people who leave a comment letting the company (see above) that sold them the product that it is indeed a good product, just like the affiliate marketer said.

Because they want other people to know that A) this is a good product, and B) the affiliate marketer that wrote the review is an honest person. You understand the concept!

And who is this mysterious affiliate marketer?

This is the lady who wrote the review, this is the man who used the coffee pot and decided he would like to let other people know whether it was a good product or not. They are the people who spent the time to let other people know this product has this quirk or that flaw.

This is the person that compared the different tents together in order for the customer to know they need a six-man tent, instead of two three-man tents. It’s the person who let those 3.5 billion customers know where to get that tent they’ve been looking. You see the benefits!

Now we now what affiliate marketing is. We also know that 3.5 billion customers use affiliate marketers to find the right products or services, We know that large and small companies, including mega-retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy, have affiliate programs.

We know there are billions of products to buy online. Amazon alone has 397 MILLION products.

Is Affiliate Marketing a scam?  It is a legitimate business model for making money on the internet.

Getting INTO affiliate marketing can be treacherous, just like MLMs or stock investing or any other way to earn great money part-time.  The self-employment industry is FULL of people who want to scam you!

Fortunately for affiliate marketing, you can start training for no money to a small investment.

Some companies offer great free training for $49 a month memberships, which includes hosting your websites.  Other companies will charge you $100 for one course, and not even offer you access to the instructor.

There are also companies who start you out with a $1000 investment and by the time you’ve exhausted all your efforts and cash, they are into your pocketbook for $8000, with not even a WEBSITE.

Selling expensive programs in order to get into affiliate marketing is rife with scams. Because to become an affiliate marketer, you DO NOT have to have a lot of cash.

You do have to be very wary as you wade through the scams.  Do your homework.  If they are asking for a large investment fee, be wary.

DO I have to put any TIME and EFFORT into affiliate marketing?

Yes, you do have to put some time and effort into it, as with any business startup. But a large investment is not necessary!   There are companies out there who will charge you $2500 or more to become an affiliate marketer. There are companies who promise you will get rich before your next meal.

There are companies who will give you a minuscule amount of free training, then they’ll ask you for a few hundred dollars more, then they’ll ask you for thousands of dollars after that.  Just for training.

These are the companies who are SCAMS. There is NO GUARANTEE that spending exorbitant amounts of money will make you successful.

And if you want to get-rich-quick, you need to keep buying those lottery tickets. You’ll have a better chance of succeeding.

==> Read my post about affiliate marketing in 2019 here<==

Affiliate marketing takes three things.

  • Time: Anything worth doing takes a little time to get it going.  The beginner affiliate marketer should be able to commit a minimum of 5 hours a week and ideally 20 hours per week.
  • Training:  No one hits the ground running, this does not take a college education but training is a must.  “Earn while you learn” is the best method, you can’t sit there reading the lessons without performing the tasks.
  • Patience: It will not happen overnight, with persistence, success can begin in as little as a month.  It’s not a get-rich-overnite scheme.

There are great affiliate hosting companies out there who have great training programs, a great community to ask questions of if you get stuck, and great access to website hosting assistance.

Who offers free training?

The good companies do not charge you an arm and a leg for training. They do offer some good training at no charge.

Enough free training that you’ll actually be able to tell if affiliate marketing is for you, one even gives you hosting for two websites. So you can dive in, create a website or two, really get the feel of how much work it takes.

What’s the best company with free training?

The best one I’ve found is Wealthy Affiliate.

Then for a reasonable monthly fee you get the top-level of training, access to hosting of lots of websites. And no other upgrades, ever.

One premium level for everyone. YOU have to put in the time needed. YOU have to study the lessons. YOU have to have the patience to allow your hard work to pay off.

They offer:

  1. Free membership
  2. Free beginner training
  3. 2 websites hosted with their domain
  4. Access to their affiliate community

PLUS the Premium Membership offers:

  • Keyword tool
  • SEO Training
  • Affiliate Marketing Training
  • Training on how to choose your business niche
  • Building a website.
  • Website hosting
  • 30 Second website builder

AND there are two levels of membership, not 20! The Free Membership and the Premium Membership.

The Premium Membership gives you access to 50 websites, 5 courses of Affiliate Certification and 7 Courses of Affiliate Bootcamp Training.  Plus access to thousands of other affiliate marketers who KNOW how to make money in this business and are there for you!

Get on the Train Of Success NOW! Go here to read my review of Wealthy Affiliate!

Get a quick peak of the free training offered at Wealthy Affiliate with Lesson Three, no obligation!

What experiences have you had with affiliate marketing and making money online?  Let us know below!

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