Or how to create a website for FREE in 30 seconds.how to create a website for free

Have you always wanted to create your own website?

I can show you, step by step, how to do just this, and it will take you less than 30 seconds. So hold onto your hat!  This will be your first step on a new journey to earn an extra income.

What is WordPress?

First off let’s look at what WordPress is! WordPress is a website creating and maintenance tool for blogging. It also allows plug-ins for online stores, and media posts as well as other uses. You can download WordPress and host your own website if you are computer savvy, which takes a lot of time, effort, and skill. Or you can sign up with a web hosting site who offers free training in the process, called Wealthy Affiliate.

The platform we’ll be using today is Wealthy Affiliate as they do have web hosting, domain availability, and some great training including videos to walk you through the process.

So now that we know the vehicle for creation, let’s move on to creating the website.

In order to create the site you will need a domain. This can be had by purchasing one from a domain supplier or Wealthy Affiliate allows you two free websites on their domain for free with the starter membership.

Here’s the sequence:

Sign up for your free Wealthy Affiliate account (click on the image if you don’t have one yet).  Don’t start the timer yet.

Go into the home page and click on “websites” on the lower left menu.  Then start the timer.

Choose Sitebuilder.  This is where you are going to build that FREE website in 30 seconds.

Then choose “On a free domain.”  You get two free domains in Wealthy Affiliate with your free membership, plus they will host two of your own domains.

Then fill in your domain name. The system will tell you if it’s available. And give your website a title. The title can be changed later, the domain name can’t.

Try the SiteRubix domain search tool here.

Scroll down a little and choose your theme. Don’t worry, you can always change you theme later.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit the “Click here to build the website” button.  Turn your timer off!

There you have it, you’ve created your own website!

Click on the image for a great video showing how to do it, also!

Earn an extra income

After watching the video you will be able to ask lots of questions and those questions will be answered promptly, this is an invaluable feature of the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Promise me ONE thing!

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Ready for more information?

==>Read my Wealthy Affiliate Review here <==

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  1. Really like you page with all the info that you have. I really didn’t want to go to pay a lot of money to learn something that I can do in 30 seconds. This is a eye opener for me. So If I really want to get in where do I go? Also how much do I pay?


    • Hi Claudia, Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is the best site, price wise or not! You can go to the video and click any of the links to get started, or you can go to the upper right corner of my post and click the Wealthy Affiliate banner! If you want more info, read my Wealthy Affiliate review HERE. It’s free for the starter membership and it’s $49 a month for the Premium. Those are the only two levels, so no big upgrades later on! Thanks for taking a look!

  2. Hi Steve,
    Great post about wordpress. How you mentioned in this post about wordpress,it’s going to be very easy for people who want to build there wordpress website.
    Thanks for your such an informative post.

    • Hi Nazmun, WordPress is arguably the top website building platform out there, so I think it will help a LOT of people! Thanks for stopping by,

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