Is Hemp Oil All The Same?

As you search for a good product sometimes the cheapest deal isn’t the best deal. You can get hemp oil from Bulk Apothecary for $151 for 30 lbs. Would this be something you’d want? Of course not, if you’re going to take the trouble of using a particular supplement, you want to be assured it’s worth what you are paying. Not all hemp oils are the same. Most of the ones available at Amazon are okay, some are definitely not recommended for human consumption. Some are readily identified as the cut rate brands.what is nanoenhanced hemp oil

If you are looking for a bare bones, minimally effective product, they are available. If you are a discriminating buyer and are particular about what you put in your body then Amazon might not be where you want to shop for something as important as these health supplements.  If you aren’t looking for the cut rate stuff, then keep reading, because when it comes to hemp oil, there is a product you won’t find on Amazon or in the drug stores, one that you might want to take a look at.

The brand name that has in recent months come to the top as some of the best hemp oil out there on the market is a product that I personally have an independent affiliate distributorship with, NanoEnhanced Hemp Oil from Prime My Body. One reason you may not have heard of it is that it’s a new product and it’s hard to find in stores. The best way to find it is to go directly to a distributor and have them give you a demo. There is a 30-day money back guarantee, plus you can get your own 10 ml sample of the product to try for $30.  As you know, you can go over to Amazon and you can purchase different quality hemp oil in lesser and more expensive brands. None will have been NanoEnhanced.what is nanoenhanced hemp oil

Lets talk about that for a minute. NanoEnhanced means the hemp oil has been prepared in a special process with ingredients that assist in the body’s ability to handle and absorb the nutrients. This allows those nutrients to be more effective, but also to regulate the delivery of the nutrients over a longer period of time. This cuts down on digestive issues, it also prevents the nutrients from being discarded by the body before it can be absorbed. In a nutshell, NanoEnhancing allows better absorption and protects the active ingredients from being removed from the body longer. Does it cost a little more, sure! But it’s well worth the higher price. Sometimes if you want quality you have to pay for it. If you want a Mercedes, you’re not going to get it with a Hyundai price tag.

what is nanoenhanced hemp oil

Now, a little bit about what NanoEnhanced Hemp Oil does for you. The first thing to realize, is that hemp oil is suspected of being the next big addition to everyone’s individual supplement regimen, and may or may not affect various ailments and conditions from back pain to migraines. Due to lack of testing, there aren’t a lot of reliable studies to prove that it affects anything yet. There are studies in progress but results are few and far between. The good thing is, the US government is allowing more and more research to be performed, meaning Americans as well as the rest of the world will actually benefit from the research.

What is hemp oil good for?  At this time, there is no official proof that it will affect anything. But what if it could? What if it helps the particular malady you or a loved one is experiencing, And by you or a loved one trying it out, that’s one more area that can be put on the list of areas for study! That list is growing daily as people are using NanoEnhanced Hemp Oil to their benefit. And they are telling other people they know, that this helped them, maybe their friend or relative should try it! The best thing is, NanoEnhanced Hemp Oil is available to try, NOW! No longer do we have to sit there and wonder why nothing has worked for us with these ailments.  We have an option, and that option isn’t in 5 years or 10 years, it’s available now. If it doesn’t work in 30 days, then get your cash back and move on! But what if it DOES work?what is nanoenhanced hemp oil

Now, zip on over to my independent affiliate website, and get more information! If you live in the Colorado area and want to try out NanoEnhanced Hemp Oil, shoot me an email at and I will do my best to get you a sample.

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If you would like more information on hemp oil, go here now:

What experiences have you had with NanoEnhanced Hemp Oil?  Let us know below!

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  1. I have heard quite a bit about Hemp Oil and was not sure if it really is as effective as most people claim it to be.However, you do say that it is not proven that Hemp oil is effective, are you sure it is not going to give rashes since I have really sensitive skin.
    I would like to give it a try though since there are a lot of good points mentioned here but since I have a sensitive skin my only concern is if it would give me rashes.

    • Shrey,

      I would try it on a very small patch of skin such as the underside of the wrist.  That is usually fairly sensitive skin.  And try small amounts at first.  The Prime My Body hemp oil is highly purified, not cloudy like other brands. I have not heard of any particular instance of it aggravating sensitive skin but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t.  One person’s cure all is another’s irritant, to rewrite an old phrase.  Hemp oil truly works differently for different people, and with stories of it actually helping other people’s rashes and even acne, I would think you could try it.  Just walk into it slowly.  This nano enhanced version goes under the tongue and I can say it does work on a lot of stuff,  I just can’t, by law, say specifically what.  It seems to work best on neuromuscular issues.  And so pain, anxiety, headaches, those are all good candidates to try it on.  It also has a tendency to enhance mental clarity.  Personal research is the best option for whatever you’re curious about, just enter hemp oil and your affliction.  Best of luck to you!  Thanks for the post!


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