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Principles of Prosperity Review

Name: Principles of Prosperity By Proctor Gallagher Institute
Website: PGI Principles of Prosperity
Owners: PGI — Proctor Gallagher Institute
Overall Rank: 99 out of 100

Principles of Prosperity, Product Overview

This is yet another awesome training program by none other than the indisputably best personal development guru on the planet, Bob Proctor, and his partner Sandy Gallagher. Bob was already a worldwide legend who has helped millions of people before Sandy joined his team. Now they are unstoppable, a juggernaut of the self-improvement industry.  

Principles of Prosperity Overview

As PGI says, “Principles of Prosperity fills a unique and enormous need in the personal development industry. It reveals the secret golden thread to success that Napoleon Hill wove throughout Think and Grow Rich—the book that is responsible for creating countless millionaires.

The program is unlike any other personal development book or course for five important reasons:

  1. Principles of Prosperity makes your success far easier because it doesn’t just tell you what to do; it tells you how to do it.
  2. Bob Proctor knows what it’s like to try everything yet achieve nothing. He used the Think and Grow Rich to earn his first millions; he has already trodden the path you need to follow.
  3. Unlike any other success guru, Bob has been studying and living the principles of success presented in Think and Grow Rich every day since 1961
  4. It dives deep into each of the 13 principles of Think and Grow Rich as no other resource has done before, and it expands on each one by adding Bob’s unique insights and experience over 57 years.
  5. The information is not only life-changing, but it’s also entertaining and uniquely watchable so you will genuinely enjoy watching it—you’ll watch longer, more often and retain the information better.”

Product Features

Principles of Prosperity is a high-quality, movie-style production that takes you on a journey through Think and Grow Rich like never before. The program includes:

  • 16 Full-Length Video Lessons

Who is Principles of Prosperity For?

This program is for anyone who loves Think and Grow Rich but hasn’t quite cracked the code to success… people who have a strong desire for money… anyone who wants to improve the quality of their life.  As with all of PGI’s products, it follows Think And Grow Rich to the tee and gives the participant a strong understanding of the principles outlined in the book.  

Principles of Prosperity Support

Support is always available at PGI.  Great company to work with.

My Final Opinion of Principles of Prosperity

Principles Of Prosperity will help anyone who wants to move forward with life and knows it is possible is having difficulty realizing what is holding them back.  

Those paradigms that Bob speaks of over and over are hidden deep in our subconscious but control everything we do consciously, even though we know the solutions to our problems are contradictory to those paradigms.   

This program tackles those paradigms with the awareness and direction in order to overcome the programming we’ve been following since early childhood.  This is a highly sought-after and valuable addition to the PGI suite of programs.

Principles of Prosperity at a Glance…

This is PGI’s latest and greatest training program for Napoleon Hill’s best selling book, Think and Grow Rich.  It follow’s his teaching in a concise and understandable format for today’s technology rich environment.

Name: Principles of Prosperity

Website: PGI Principles of Prosperity
Owners: Proctor Gallagher Institute
Overall Program Rank: 99 out of 100

VERDICT:  This is one of the best programs you will find for the price.

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No, You Are NOT Losing Your Mind!

What is your personal belief system?  And is it leading you to an Identity Crisis?

As we research baby boomer well being, and our move into the life stage of retirement, major changes such as moving from working for a living to having nothing to do during the day can cause questions about our identities. Those of us who owned businesses or worked at the same company for most of our lives can wake up finding out we don’t do the things that defined us for so many years, Including having the youngest child finally leave home and forcing us to deal with being empty nesters. Now is the time to explore who we REALLY are, instead of what we’ve done all our lives.

Our belief system comes from our upbringing and our life’s experiences, and may or may not include a religious, political, or familial aspect. A belief is something we accept as absolute truth with no questions asked. Our beliefs are taken without question.

Our values stem from our beliefs. A value is an aspect of our personality that we hold close to us and follow in our everyday interactions. Beliefs and values determine our attitudes and opinions.

Morals are formed from our values. Morals contribute to the system of beliefs and are the result of the values which we get from society. Ultimately, we’ll be much more successful, happier individuals if we figure out what our beliefs are, adhere to those beliefs be placing values on them, and follow othose values with morals in our everyday interactions.

How do we determine what our values are?

A great way to determine what our values are, is by looking around us to see who we admire and associate with. Think of some of your favorite acquaintences and write down what trait in their personality draws you to them, don’t worry about whether they are male or female, as you are looking for values here. Do this for everyone until you reach ten values.

Think of aspects such as honesty, courage, resourcefulness, caring, light hearted, humorous, boldness, etc. If you’re having a hard time thinking of values, go here for a list.

Once you have ten values, sort those values from One to Ten, with One being the most important, ten being the least important. My core values started with honesty, humorousness, enthusiasm, adventure, and went downhill from there. This is a good picture of what your core values are. These are the personality traits that your belief system searches for when choosing friends and acquaintances.

Courtesy BBC.Com

If, in our belief system, we have a certain belief, and we are living contrary to that belief in our daily situations, we create discontent in our own being. We feel empty, we feel depressed. Our belief system rears up and protests, giving us feelings of guilt, embarrassment and all sorts of negative feelings. If our belief is that we are honest, and we go around lying and cheating, we end up with depression and other negative long term mental issues because we are not being true to ourselves.

If one of our top beliefs is honesty and we are acquainted with a person who isn’t honest, we naturally avoid that person. So ultimately, we’ll be much happier individuals if we figure out what our belief system is, watch for those aspects in other people and associate with the people who have the same beliefs as we do.

The following is an excerpt from the book 7 Principals For Living With Authenticity, By Jack Beauregard, Author, Founder and CEO of The Platinum Years:

Why you might face an Identity Crisis, and how to benefit from it.

Your personal identity affects the way you think, and feel about yourself, and has a strong impact on your level of self-esteem. Your personal identity needs to change as your life circumstances change. People who experience a major life-transition are often thrown into an Identity Crisis, as all your old rules, roles, and sources of support have suddenly evaporated. Here are some of the life-transitions that might generate an Identity Crisis in your life:

    • A mid-life crisis
    • Divorce
    • Loss of a loved one
    • Experiencing Empty Nest Syndrome when your youngest child leaves home
    • Leaving your professional career
    • Being let go from your job
    • Surviving a life threatening experience
    • No longer owning a business
    • RetiringAffililate-Program-Banners_Explore_160x600

Going through any of these transitions can cause you to ask yourself: “Who am I when I’m no longer doing what I currently do?” Even though this crisis causes significant upheaval, it also provides you with the opportunity to rediscover who you really are, so you can rethink and reframe your life.

Even if no major changes are taking place in your life and things appear to be going well, you may still feel that something is not right about your life. For whatever reason, you may be going through an existential crisis that motivates you to start asking the big questions, such as “What is my purpose in life?” “Do I really matter?” or “Who am I really?”

If you are going through a life-transition or facing an Identity Crisis for whatever reason, you need to expand your definition of who you are beyond what you are doing and discover and connect to your True Self, so you can live the next chapter of your life from the goals, values, and passions of who you really are.

As you can see, going through the process we baby boomers are going through definitely falls in several of the categories Mr. Beauregard lists. If you’re interested in Mr. Beauregard’s book you can download the first chapter free of charge here.  If you feel this book could help you through the coming challenges, you may purchase the full copy here

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