The Rock Restaurant, An Aurora Restaurant Review

The Rock Restaurant and Bar, a Baby Boomer paradise, located in Aurora, Colorado.

Do you like family oriented restaurants?  Are you more comfortable in the local eateries as opposed to the chain establishments?  Are you looking for an Aurora restaurant?

A party at the Rock, retirement maybe?

Do I have a place for you!  The Rock Restaurant is located at 22934 East Smoky Hill Road, Aurora, CO, 80016.  Just off E-470 on the south east corner of the Denver area.  Laura and Barb opened the restaurant in the early 2000’s.

The fare offers a little of everything.  Mexican food, some burgers, sandwiches and even a Prime Rib dinner. They even offer my favorite, Chicken Tortilla Soup.

The menus are always updated, offering not only the traditional items but some delicious concoctions such as Laura’s Fried Egg Breakfast Burger, Barb’s French Dip,  and their original and unique New Mexico Burger, made from Texas Toast, and some green chilies.

They also offer a full bar, icluding several local Micro brews, as well their famous Rock-A-Rita.  These things are so good, they only allow two per customer.

When you enter the front door you’re greeted by local kids, sometimes a student or two from one of the local high schools, dedicated to making a good start at becoming a responsible adult in todays world, ready to seat you at a booth, table, or outside on the veranda.  The professional wait staff are friendly, with names like Rachel and Maddie, John and Chance, who are eager to serve the customer with warm smiles.

They have big screen TVs strategically placed around the bar and restaurant areas in case you’d like to watch the Broncos beat the opposing team.

The people who are there are not only regulars to the place, you’ll also see lots of relatives, as well as a local television celebrity or two.

As for my personal rating of a genuine, local, Aurora CO restaurant, I think they are a great restaurant, pricing is reasonable, the Food is good and the atmosphere is pleasing.

So come on out, have a great meal, and enjoy the atmosphere!  We’ll see you there!

What’s your favorite dish/experience at The Rock?  Let us know below!

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