Udemy.com Review

Name: Udemy
Website: Udemy.com
Price: Starting at $9.99 per course for the introductory level, price for affiliate marketing courses runs from $24.99 full price and up to $199 per course.
Owners: Possible ownership by Erin Bali, Oktay Caglar and Gagan Biyani.  Current CEO is Kevin H. Johnson.
Overall Rank: 70 out of 100

UDEMY.com Affiliate Marketing Training, Product Overview

Udemy(you-duh-mee) is a non-accredited online education website catering to people who are looking for quick online courses they can pursue on their own time.  The online motto is “Learn Anything, On Your Own Schedule.”  Courses range from $9.99 for the advertised specials to well over $100 per course.  A course usually includes several lectures of 2-5 minutes apiece.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

There are over 80,000 different online courses available for many topics from arts and crafts to playing the ukelele and everything in between.

Courses include online lectures of several minutes each, approximately 75 courses on Affiliate Marketing alone.

The Bad:

These are not accredited courses, so no credits are available, courses are mainly for job improvement, and no guarantee that what you pay for is what you’ll get.

Each individual course is limited to that module, each module/course must be paid for, at the regular full price rate of $24.99 and up to $199.00.  These courses are not driven by collegiate course requirements, these courses are created by individuals for profit to the instructor and the company.  The courses are not recognized by any collegiate or university governing body as is specifically noted in the course description. There is no guarantee of acceptable course instruction.

The affiliate marketing courses require purchasing each individual course, with one instructor, no option to converse or query other successful marketers.

There is no set sequence of lessons to get the average novice through the training.

Who is the affiliate marketing for?

These courses are directed towards the novice as well as the professional affiliate marketer who would like job knowledge improvement without having to attend real-time instruction.

Affiliate Marketing Support

No online support was evident in the course descriptions, there is no community, forum, personal support, or owner support evident.  Although individual instructors may offer support.

Affiliate Marketing Price

Various courses were offfered for a discounted price of $9.99 per course, full prices were lined through, and ran from $24.99 up to $199.00.

My Final Opinion of Udemy.com’s Affiliate Marketing Courses

Spend your money on website hosting services who offer free training along with the website hosting and have a community following.  Other sections of training from Udemy.com may or may not be legitimate.

VERDICT: Semi-Legit

Why did Udemy receive the rank they did.  Udemy has plenty of courses for all subjects available, which is a plus.  They would probably be acceptable for the average business person looking for more knowledge on the particular subject one would be interested in.  That’s if the source and quality weren’t important to that person, and only one or two courses were needed.

Who wants to spend their money on something that has no apparent quality.  The legitimacy of the source of knowledge is just as important as the availablility, and that question of quality throws the positive aspect of the availability (80,000 courses) into question.  Quality and availability are two sides of the same coin.

If food is available but the quality is in question, you’ll need to be really hungry to sidle up to the trough.  Another aspect to this is, as with an accredited university, where the quality and availability is there, what price is acceptable?  You can TRY to charge a ton of dinero for an apple from Japan, but if there are no apples to be had, or the price is out of range, there goes your market.

There is a better alternative to this, at least when it comes to Affiliate Marketing training.

Wealthy Affiliate, the premier affiliate marketing host, does not charge for the training.  And that training is also not accredited but is written and presented by the experts in the field.  Not only are they experts, but they are there for you if you have questions, or just want to converse with someone who is proven in the field of affiliate marketing.

They are uber available for you through site profiles, private texts, and discussions right under the training courses.  Plus there is a live chat thread you can ask your questions in, and lastly, a search feature that allows you to search through all training courses by whatever phrase you type in and search for.

All this comprehensive and complete training is free and at your fingertips just by signing up for the Wealthy Affiliate Premium level.  Wealthy Affiliate only charges for hosting your websites, of which you can have up to 25 of your own domain and 25 using their domain, totalling 50 websites.

Does Udemy offer a comprehensive and complete approach to the training? No, which is also a negative.  They also do not host your website on your domain or their domain.

What does Wealthy Affiliate charge for this Premium level?  $49 a month.  How many courses can your gray matter soak up in a month?  Mine soaked up 64, and I was working full time.  I was hungry!  64 courses at Udemy, will cost you $640 at the introductory price level of the site, ($9.99 per course) which is only for the few intial loss-leader courses.  That, right there, is 2 years of Premium membership over at WA.  How many courses can that gray matter soak up in 2 years?

Most of Udemy’s courses average from $24.99 up to $199 for the course.  Which, compared to the alternative, is another negative.

For my time, my money, the available support, and overall experience, Wealthy Affiliate is the standard to judge all others by.

Go here to explore a better option, Wealthy Affiliate! 

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  1. Hello Steve;
    Thank You for the information on Udemy.com. Since I am also with WA, their courses would not be of interest. But for the newbies, it would be very informative. Don’t you feel you should promote WA a little more at the bottom of the site after talking about your final opinion? Tell everyone that WA is the site for free and better then Udemy. Wishing you all the best.


    • Bill, thanks for the input, I’m going to take your advice and do just that. Wealthy Affiliate is a gem in hiding! Udemy probably has courses to fit the needs of almost everyone, but when you’ve already found the best training and hosting platform for your needs, why go anywhere else!


  2. Hey Steve and Carol, great review. I am very familiar with Udemy however I hadn’t even thought to look there for Affiliate Marketing courses so there you go. I’d be curious to know where you have your Affiliate Marketing education needs fulfilled? I do agree with you 100% regarding that the courses are not accredited and that is a downfall with Udemy so good to highlight. If you don’t have that need or expectation then there are many great courses to take advantage of.

    • Fleur, Great to hear from you. We love Wealthy Affiliate, always will. The education there is organized, walking you through step by step. It’s very detailed and if you have questions about it, the whole WA community is there to help you! The people on Wealthy Affiliate are friendly and very knowledgeable!

  3. Hi Steve,
    Great write up however for me the value that i get within WA carries more weight, now i’m not 100% but i think not long ago it was FREE to join Udemy.

    • Dave, you’re correct, to sign up is free. Then each course has a fee. And of course Udemy won’t host 50 websites for you. So you get the courses, after that you’re on your own! I might need to go in and explain why WA would get an ideal score and everything else compares to that!


  4. Thank you for this informative article. I thought about using UDEMY but decided to go with Wealthy Affiliate instead and I have never turned back.
    On reading your review I made the right choice. Thanks

    • Jennifer, I’ve been a member since mid-2017, and just like you, I’ve never looked back, wonderful site that Wealthy Affiliate! Udemy on the other hand, may or may not be a good source for other educational opportunities, definitely a better affiliate marketing training choice at Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for stopping by!


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